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We wanted to add much more to the game, like music, sfx, background, etc...
Hopefully we'll polish and add more stuff to the game after the jam.
Thank you for trying the game and commenting :)

Thank you so much :)

Thank you!
That's probably a bug: it never happened in our tests.
We'll try to polish and add more mechanics to the game in the future.

Thank you :)
Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to polish it.

Nice idea! I had a lot of fun playing this game to the end.
The physics of the flare felt very good and every time you miss a shot you think you could have done better.
Great job!

This is one of my favorite submissions.
Simple design, polished graphics and implementation, very relaxing.
Wonderful job!

I found this game to be very relaxing and pleasurable experience.
And it has a nice interpretation of the theme. Nice entry!

This game is incredible! So many design elements for a game jam, and they work together very nicely.
The tutorial is a bit hard to follow and it took me a while to understand everything that was going on, but I had so much fun playing it. Amazing job.

Very original concept: a star that moves using its own light!
The design and implementation work very nicely with the concept and the game was fun to play.

Great job

I love this because it's simple and feels good to play.
Very well done.

A bit buggy sometimes, and you don't always have a nearby planet to launch to, but I really love the concept and the interpretation of the theme.

Very simple rules, but it still feels good to play.
Also, nice interpretation of the theme.
Well done.

Sorry, this was a late submission to the jam. The executable is finally here