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I've updated mission 4 to be a bit easier.  It now has a hint button, the text box was redone to give options and now there is a home button, so you can retry (I don't know how I missed this while testing😅).

Fair point. I had guessed that mission 4 would be a problem. I'll definatelly change the way the mission can be beaten since all 3 conspiracists will have to be discovered to play the fifth mission.

With this map I was going for an arena theme. The middle is an enclosed area where you'll brawl it out with other brawlers. I was trying to balance the map by using the fences to give long range brawlers a chance.

If you want to try it, here is the code: P2lkPUE3MzBEMTQ4RDFDQUFBNDAmbWFwPVRVRlFYekZuU25WMQ==