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Hey Clickteam! What is the best way for jam participants to download Fusion if they don't already have it? Maybe the free edition of the software on Steam or something like that? Could you provide a link? Thanks! 

Hi there! Thanks for checking out the Disastr_Blastr page!

Sale of the game is suspended at the moment, due to the upcoming Steam release on November 21, 2016... But as soon as I can find the time I will be rebuilding this page, and my intention is to re-launch the game here on at the same time it drops on Steam. You can check out the newest trailer, follow the game on Steam, and add it to your wish list here:

I have made a ton of changes and improvements to the game in the last year since passing through Greenlight. After 4 years of work I feel I can finally say that my vision for this project has been realized! Thanks for all your support guys, I hope you enjoy Disastr_Blastr. :)


Hope you guys are enjoying Disastr_Blastr! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the game—all feedback is welcome. :) And don't forget to vote for Disastr_Blastr on Steam Greenlight (link above). Thanks!