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Dog Game

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No it's not-

Imagine working on this game for so long only to leave it. F

I cri, great game.

Fantastic Game! So much Details! Played Chapter 1 in an Hour or about 40 Minutes. Love it! Other Max is Pissing me off TBH.


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I'm using Windows 10 64x Bit. And yeah im using the right .exe to open it. No i haven't used Renpy Before.  And i don't know what Zsynic is.                         

Edit: Tried Clicking the .EXE In the folder and it just dosen't open. It adds in a games list in my Gaming application without it running.

Edit2: Worked! i had to Uninstall the whole and Install it again. Sorry to waste your time for a simple solution. Seriously. So Sorry to waste your time.

Another Problem. When i try to launch it it fails and says this:

An error occurred while launching Life is Strange: All Wounds

application crashed. process exited with code 3 

Any Solutions? I tried Re-Installing.

nvm Started Working. BTW I hope this game is HELLA Good!

Not Downloading


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What is This need To do The Game is cool me and 2 friends has played this And Everyone Download and played this game a lot! When im in friends house she say: Hey i have Game Duck Build do you want to play? That say every time and When we play this game about 2 Hours i say: Do you want to play something like BF 3 or something like that? he say No only 10min and has been 1 Hour and i say again that and he say no only 5min then only 1 Flood He don't want to stap playing that game I LOVE TO THAT GAME BEST GAME EVER!

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Game Is Good And Simple My Best Score Is 50 who have more than me?