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"If you’re a fascist, you’re not welcome to play this game." It's hard to take you seriously when you include some mindless, virtue signalling bullshit like that in the rules. It literally changes nothing, it's just you saying "OOOH I HATE FASCISTS, LOOK HOW GREAT I AM!" Yeah, no shit you hate fascists. Doesn't stop anyone from playing, doesn't do anything for the game. It's just silly, why even bother? Hell, all that "rule" might do is make fascists play the game out of spite.


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You have been warned.

I loved this game. It tells an amazing, emotional, heartbreaking story that genuinely surprised me. I fully expected Sara to ask Lina if she knew that Maria wanted to kill herself and Lina telling her "Yes.", then trying to convince her not to tell everyone and that it's best to just keep it to herself. I expected the ending, in the game sense, to be letting the player choose either to tell everyone or to just keep quiet. But instead it turns out that Sara was wrong, with everything actually making sense without any real leaps in logic.

I didn't like Sara because from the start she was overly cynical and forced a hatred of her hometown everywhere. But as the game went on it made more sense why she was like that. In her eyes Maria's parents, along with the entire town, were to blame for what happened. She thought the town's general religiousness was the reason Maria didn't want to terminate her pregnancy, even though she was repeatedly told by Maria that that was not the case. Sara blamed the town and everyone in it because she believed that the town forced her to have a baby, tying her down there and leaving her miserable. Sara could never be happy living in Härunga and because of that she couldn't believe that Maria, as her best childhood friend, was happy living in Härunga. In her eyes the town was directly responsible for Maria's death.

Her thinking was reasonable, it's easy to see where she was coming from but that doesn't make her any more likeable to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying me disliking her is a bad thing; after all fictional characters are supposed to emulate real people and no one likes everyone. She isn't shallow as a character, that's what matters.

The story in general is amazing. Very hard hitting when it comes to emotions and it had a genuinely unforeseen twist for me. Everything falls into place. The final shot of Sara completely alone on that hill, the car even more busted up due to age, with the final song on the soundtrack creeping over the whole scene nearly brought me to tears. 

Sorry about the whole story half-retelling, I'm just not used to expressing how I feel about games in this way and I don't know how to quite put it into words. I suppose a generic statement like "It really is an amazing experience, very well put together. Kudos to everyone who worked on this, it really is fantastic." will have to do.

Enjoyed it, was very goofy. I appreciate the reward after getting all the notes. Also one of the people on the wall looks like Ed Sheeran. My only complaints are the League of Legends, Dragon Ball and Rent a Girlfriend posters. Also I have 1 question:what was the song at the end? I used Shazam, looked up the lyrics anywhere I could but nothing. I found a somewhat similar-sounding song but not the one I was looking for.