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Dodick Binus

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Recent community posts

please add more devlog about your art....

no art progress so far...

good luck

good luck

Please add short description to your main page

good luck

good luck...

good luck

good luck

please use english

Please use english

good luck

Please update your information page by adding a short description

Please use english

Good luck with your project

Good luck

Good luck with the project...

Good luck with the project

Please use english

Hope you can find the "twist" of your game

good luck with the project

keep up the good work

for your game description. please use english.

I can not download the build. Can you make sure that the game is uploaded correctly

good luck with the kickstarter

You are using the word example and sample. Does it mean that it is not your original creation?

Please give more description. What is vault or slide movement? any illustration? any ecample? 

What character pose? Any screenshot? Any draft?

Is there any reference on making music? what style of music you are going create?

So many questions from your devlog.

please update the devlog

Please provide description and narration.

Where is today devlog?

Please add today devlog

Where is today devlog?

Where is today devlog?

Please give more information

Nice update for last week but please provide current week devlog

Where  is this week update?

great...  hopefully the script will have similar detail of information next week

nice.. don't forget for more updates regarding other team member progress.

Please add more information, this is lacking detail such as example of flashlight effect... and can you show how the character jump using gif or video..

Please give information on what is the image about... what is the code about... use narration not just give useless data.

Please use english

Please add more information regarding your game design that is short and clear.