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Error while launching. Dug through the text file,  found this error and crash message.

[2018-04-12 @ 06:56:30.880] [launch] error while launching 27e49fbb-7ca1-45c2-a124-b9755f15f03c: spawn EPERM
[2018-04-12 @ 06:56:30.883] [launch] crashed with spawn EPERM

Love the game! Just a few bugs, though.

  • If you hold w, a, s, or d while spiraling into the portal, your character will stay the same size and rotation when you began hitting the key,  and the sprite will move to the opposite side of the portal that you want it to. 
  • If you do the above bug and dodge at the very end or the portal animation, you will spawn outside the map and not be able to die, exit, or anything without closing the window using key shortcuts or going to the outside screen and R-clicking and closing window. 
  • It's a bit jittery when you get sucked into the portal.

Again, love the game.

It needs something marking where the center of your swarm is. It's easy to have your swarm sort of running into a wall for a few minutes,  without realizing what you're doing wrong. Otherwise, good concept! (don't have the patience for it, but loved the game during the time I played it)