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Ironically, I should have been marking, but decided to check this out instead! Thank you for putting our experience(s) into a game. I call them the dolphins in my brain. Sometimes, they are able to work together in a pod to achieve some task. But they also often split up, each doing its own thing and thinking its own thoughts. That is why the "internal monologue" trope in movies and plays strikes me as so odd ("Does anyone actually think like that?") and why I talk to myself too much.

Oh! Is there supposed to be any sound?

I am still playing through it, so not ready to review it just yet, but I am really enjoying the pacing so far! Question: Is there any way to access that little relationship progress matrix that pops up at the end of a game day? It disappears far too quickly for me to make any sense of it!

Also, PSA for Mac users: Ren’Py games don’t seem to let you save if you launch from the Itch app. If you launch directly from the Itch folder instead, you should be fine!

Thanks for letting me know, all the same! I made a Mojave partition, so I will install it there for now!

Any hope of 64-bit support for the Mac?

Obviously hoping for a native port, but good to know! Thanks!

Any chance that there might be a Mac version ever? <3

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As a gamer in my 40s, I almost never complain about a game being too short. That said, this one did leave me wanting to see/learn more. But it is a compelling premise: This kind of interaction is precisely what is left unsaid in almost every action game.

UPDATE: I think that I was overtired when I played this game last night. I was ruminating over the ending (or, at least, the ending that I got) this morning, and I think that I finally understood it. Whoa.

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Thank you for these thoughtful vibes. I miss being able to hang out in a coffee shop and just listen. If you keep on working on this, I would love more ambient sound effects! I also echo the comment that more player choice would be worth considering as well.

Hi all! If you’re trying to play on a Mac via the Itch launcher, but you’re getting a lengthy error log when you try to save (and thus can’t save at all!), try downloading the game directly from the Itch site instead. That solved the problem for me, at least!

Thanks for letting me know. I just noticed a bug that someone else has mentioned, at least in the Mac version: for the sad tank ending, the final text box is so long, that the "Retry" button overlaps it (whether windowed or fullscreen).

Ok, thanks for that tip! Ugh, I wish we could spoiler tag, but is there a way to survive waiting at the road? I’ve managed to eat two things, but that clearly wasn’t enough!

Not many games have literally made me LOL, but this one did. I don’t think I’ve found all the endings yet. The only outcome that I can’t quite achieve is surviving the wait at the road. Someone mentioned a tank below, so I’m guessing that’s related? But how does one not starve?!

Also, I love this font.

This is a tight, relevant, modern story, and I really dug the stylized visuals. I also found (Mac version, anyway) that the cursor wasn't confined to the game window (I went fullscreen).

How many endings are there? I got distracted and timed out the last choice, and it just went on to the conclusion. I was thinking I might want to replay the last chapter, but I guess it resets itself after you finish.

So, my final question: Where is the (Mac) save game file located?

Thank you for creating this thoughtful game!

Thanks for your responses, Heather! I found the save file. You’re basically right, except the folder in Application Support = com.HeatherFlowers.EXTREMEMEATPUNKSFOREVER, in case anyone else is trying to find it!

It worked! And thank you for creating this game. I have never experienced speculative fiction that felt so real. Queerness to the core = rad (in every sense of the word). One more question though: Where is the Mac save game file located? Wait, one more: I am assuming Season 2 will be a separate purchase, but will any decisions made in Season 1 have an influence on it? Wait, still one more! I had a look at Season 2, and the meach (meat + mech???) animations look dope, but there seems to be a pretty radical departure in the character design. You have probably commented on this elsewhere, so could you shove me in that direction? Thanks again!

Thanks Heather! I’ve set up one of those controller mapping doodahs, as my carpal tunnel is acting up. Hopefully that will work!

Hi all! I can't quite figure out if this game is supposed to have native (Mac) controller support? For some reason, I thought it did, but I can't get it to work. If it doesn't, no worries, but it would be good to know for sure! Thanks!

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Thank you for creating a game that deals with a complex subject with tact and nuance. There are no easy answers. I can't believe that I was explicitly searching for a non-over-the-top game about the cult experience and this did not come up. Thanks to the massive Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, I got to experience it! Thank you for including it in that bundle.

I also got the 15/12 tapes thing. Further, in testing whether death was actually possible, I tried to kill myself several ways. The closest I got was standing under the mine elevator as it plummeted downwards. I did not die, but glitched partially through it, just so you know. The voice acting was generally on point, but I would have loved to have heard a wider variety of voices.

Oh, and thanks for supporting Macs!