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Martin Owens

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Good story. thanks for the fun meditation. It works on Linux using the index.html, this could have been submitted as a web game instead of a windows game.

This game actually works for Linux (python renpy game) so you can enable the Linux flag. I found the game interesting, it's peppy but then creepy and I think I get what it's trying to do. There were errors about 'player_name' not existing. I ignored them and continued, I don't think offline works as well.

The game couldn't be opened in Linux. Despite it saying that the binary is for Linux. Windows only build.

Could not play on Linux. Game files are windows only (mono says not valid CLI)

I enjoyed the game. It's hard and appears tiny on my HiDPI screen (java icetea on Ubuntu 18.04). What I liked the most was the sound effects (good sounds, synced nicely with actions) and the fast pace of the game made it flow well. The bad parts were the mis-aiming could be cruel sometimes and the AI was a bit dodgy here and there. But a fun game!

The Mac build is mislabeled as a Linux release. Since I use Linux, I wasn't able to play the game.

I liked the music. The sounds were often a bit out of place. But the hardest part of the game was the design, it didn't help you understand what you needed to do enough and getting stuck and restarting happened very frequently.

You could also make a Linux build in Unity. That would let me play your game too :-D

Game can't be run, claims Linux download, but Linux Unity build is missing from package.

Game couldn'r be run, claims Linux build but no Linux build in the download.

The only thing that hurt for me was the lack of walking animation, a single extra frame left and right would have really helped bring it alive. I like the artwork.

This game's build files do not include a linux (or mac) build, windows only.

Likes the graphics, but not sure about the mechanic, I think I missed something.