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Pretty good. I appreciate the slick interface- just because a game is text-based doesn't mean it can't look good and feel good to play. It's a little too early to talk criticism as most if not all of the issues I see will be fixed with further development. 

I'll be rooting for you!

That sounds like a great. Are you going to be using RPG Maker MV or going with something else?

Considering that, it's certain impressive that you've accomplished what you have. Have you considered remaking what you have on a newer engine? I know it sounds like I'm suggesting you start from scratch, but I think it would be easier than it sounds.

I've gotta say, I'm impressed. The sheer depth of the lore alone . . . I read every word of the PDF- really nice touch, it's really got me pumped to dig into this world. The combat is a bit standard, but the progression and exploration aspect makes up for it. 

For some reason I had it in my head that you were going to make it similar to old school Zelda. So what you're going for is how you enter encounter's staying the same, it'll just be action based when you enter the battle.

Here's a thought- how about making it a bit similar to a fighting game? Blocking, parrying and whatnot. Think Soul Caliber.

Guess it depends on how far you want to go,

I prefer turn-based, but action has possibilities. Would you have to start from scratch?