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Doctor Chantal

A member registered Oct 13, 2020

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Can I specify a different folder for saving files?

Looking forward to a stable release

looks nice


Looking forward to the scene editor !!!

Great innovation, great innovation

1 when you first click on the button, the palette appears in some unknown place in all browsers

2 RGB or HEX values from 3 characters palette shows as black

This opportunity is very necessary, I am glad that it appeared

I don't like how Blender does it, the lines are too ragged and torn. each time you have to manually upgrade.

Great game Bravo !!!

Great game Bravo !!!

good game Bravo !!!

good game Bravo !!!

good game Bravo !!!

It's really good


Everything is fine with icons,

1 Lots of vertical lines in windows make it difficult to understand.

2 I need some kind of text hint for what this or that tool is needed

3 Blocks are too overloaded with all kinds of buttons The functionality of some of them can be combined, for example, menu buttons and add.

You can try to solve the problem with files by importing all files into the local storage of the browser and managing them already in it.