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Thank you! :)

Thanks! :D It was a funny project todo. And that one is the first intro-game I ever coded! :P Hopefully there will be others in the future! :D

Thank you for your feedback! And game play! :)

hehe. Thanks for your feedback! I'll keep it in mind in my next poop game. See you there! :D

Thanks mate! :)

Thanks! :) Since I don't know how to do different stuff on the Amiga yet (like a sprite multiplexor) - I only had 8 sprites to play with. hehe. There may be a chance there will be an update with more levels. On CharlieFar's stream, they where talking about a timer, so they could do a speed run. I may put that into the game and perhaps do a highscore table for it. Anyway; thanks for your feedback. :)

Thanks! :D

You are supposed to let the Ape slide down  the three before pressing the firebutton (preferly to the middle of the three). If you hit the ground or the top green part of the three, your dead. 

v1.01 update up on my itch page and the csdb webpage

An update is on it's way! :)

The red color border should not be the reasons for any corruptions. It's just an indication that a counter miscounted. The border increase color was not removed in the finale build. When you are saying "corrupted high score" are you refering to the graphics or corrupted highscore save file ?

Oh it was nothing! :) But, thanks!! :D

Setting the vectors from $0314 will kill $02a6 (NTSC/PAL detection). I have no clue why? Anyone?

lda $02a6
will be 0 no matter if it's PAL or NTSC. 


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Thanks mate! :D