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Great game.  I'd like to say that I did it first time, but it requires a bit of thought.  For anyone who is complaining that things are wrong: they are not; just think about it and you'll find the answer.

It has ten corners. 5 are the points, 5 are between the points. 

It has ten corners. 5 are the points, 5 are between the points. 

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I have been playing this game for a while and I just completed it and am awaiting an update so I can get my lair and travel further afield.

The game has been impressively thought out with lots of things to keep you busy.

Although, it is a shame that many things stop being upgradable after a while and the much anticipated 10th level becomes a waste of time eventually.

I am wondering if I should use 25 Brainwash spells and go back to wizard level 1 (I am level 250 now). I would lose Tulanga's defence bonus, but would I get many more choices again on every 10th level up?

Also, after using the spell for 500hp three times, it vanished. Is that supposed to happen?

And I know that this would make it too easy, but I would love a spell to quickly get stars or a way to boost their production. It takes such a long time to Warriors Books, or even Forest books.

1 warrior book = 12 forest books + 12 star books

1 forest book = 16 star books 

1 star book = 20 scrolls + 20 stars.

With stars generating at 20% of the speed of mana, it's always a long wait between books. 

Maybe that is one of your plans for the lair. A pet that produces stars if you feed it. That would be nice.

Also, I have bought everything possible with exp from the learn tab. Annoyingly though, there is one thing that doesn't let me buy it. 

More Buildings

- 800 exp 

+2 Max Animariam

+2 Max Lore Crystals


Anyway, thank you very much for this game. I love it and I will keep playing until my warrior books are full.

And again, please let me know if reverting to level 1 will give me back the 10th level selection.

I stopped getting those annoying things. Everything gives weakening curses and mother of curses eventually. 

Another fun game that brings me back to the original 8 bit era.

I have just played to where I assume is the end so far - Cave (Level: B18).

When I enter the room the character immediately starts walking into the wall, won't stop and none of the buttons work.

Is this where you're up to?

A few things that could be fixed:

When you load a game, your monster killing stats reset to zero. The game remembers if you've killed them before but your reference of ??/20 is back at zero. Also, your teleport locations and sounds preferences are wiped.

I have used the keyboard controls the whole time I played. I just tried using mouse but I found it far too troublesome. But upon closing the mouse controls the keyboard controls no.longer work and the game must be restarted.

Finally, a little typo in the '?' part of the 'Z' menu: "Potions are not unlimites..." (unlimited).

Also, the 'fighting' and 'potions' descriptions both begin and end with an unnecessary '?'.

Fun game. Another fun one. I like your games. Great stuff :)

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So I don't forget the things I will write them here and edit as I go.


I've said it, everyone says it - make the HUD box fonts larger!

From sector 180, the enemy health bar is in red rather than green depleting into red.

When weapons go above level 1000 the level number is not shown.

Free blueprint ability only gives red, blue and green, not yellow.

When parts of the ship are changed, you are often left with an impossible design with guns floating alone in space.

The game slows down when you increase the buying multiplier above 1.


Be able to quickly change between different weapon setups. I have my part grabber setup, miner setup and power setup. It is annoying to have to change each weapon one-by-one each time.

Give better blueprint rewards for quests. I would like to buy most things before I'm 85.

Make all the information boxes on the screen fully customisable. Be able to resize and move them wherever you want to fit your personal play style.

Be able to customise the look of the ship and its weapons. This would be purely cosmetic but aesthetically pleasing, I think. You could also have premium skins as rewards or IAPs.


The sparkly cat reward can be reset endlessly with the reset ability.

If you activate an ability from the weapons sub menu, it appears on your active abilities whether or not you have that gun equipped. If you later equip then unequip the gun, the ability is (as per normal) lost.

Bug or idea, not sure: When choosing your quest faction initially, just clicking on a faction selects it even without starting a quest. I chose the wrong one once and had to get to sector 100 and prestige before I could choose again.

The parts cost of unbought grey blueprint items rises uncontrollably. Something that was 575 blueprints this morning now costs 30 million and something that was 11 million is now 110 million.

Super bug: I wanted to see what offline gain was like with the three x3 and the two x4 bonuses. I quit the game and opened it 6 hours later. All my progress was gone and I was back at sector 75 of my first run. Game over for me :'(

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I managed to get the next weapon which comes with 'free blueprint' ability. With a macro running reset and blueprint, I can get many blueprints now. Unfortunately, yellow blueprints aren't included, either that or I have just been very unlucky over the last two hours.

If you do decide to work on this agaim, drop me a line as I have many suggestions and a very useful glitch that needs to be corrected!

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Oh, what a shame.  

If you do make any changes, number one has to be increasing the size of all the buttons and writing. It is probably this and this alone that put people off the game. I just happen to have super-cyborg eyesight

I am almost at the second set of blueprint weaponary - support gauss - so I will keep playing and see how far I can progress.

If you are able to put the same game on Android with  a few tweaks to the display, you could easily make a few bucks with IAP's through the Google Store for people who would rather shop than farm. Some optional ads for x2 this and that. Add an active Discord and you could have a winner.

Anyway, good stuff. I'll try Maginrune when I give up on this game ;)

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I am loving the game. I am amazed that it doesn't have more of a following. But...

I'm curious as to what the drone weapons do. They seem pointless. They do no damage, they don't help you earn blueprints faster, and the auto select ability doesn't auto select 'complete' when a mission is done. So what is the point of them?

Also, the game seems ridiculously hard to progress. All negative things - cost, enemy HP etc. - increase massively, while everything you earn increases horrifically slowly. 

Am I missing something with regards to speeding up my earnings of blueprints other than drones and drone capacity? I need 6 million grey blueprints for the weapon upgrade which is beyond insane at my current rate of earning.

Maybe you planned this game to be the only game that I should play for the rest of my life, but I'm already 47, I don't know if I'll have enough time before dementia sets in.

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I started playing it on github, and I am loving it here. Mostly working well.

The reset cooldown ability is broken after the first prestige. It no longer resets timers to zero, but resets them to different amounts each playthrough. This current one is the worst as it resets them to around 550. Even if they are ready when you click reset, they reset to that number.

I also wonder if the crystals do anything. The prestige warning says that crystals don't do anything at the moment, so I wouldn't want to get them, right?

Also, having sausage fingers is a nightmare for this game. I feel like only a mosquito with 20/20 vision could play this game with ease!

I have just realised that you probably didn't consider people using a touchscreen for this game. I should plug in my mouse. That will help, for sure.

Fun game. The tiny icons are a bit small for a touchscreen. Also, the game hit a wall after level 70. Everything is maxed except for the final x500 upgrades and progress is down to a crawl. I am just doing the level 60 boss over and over for 1.2E+14 ore in two hits. I think I'll need to leave it idling for a few days to be able to beat the level 70 boss without that flying cat bonus, and level 80+ will probably require years of idling.

Or am I missing something?

I quit the game. I had saved my progress but I realise now that the entire code wasn't being highlighted when I copied and pasted. My last working code was from Karma 1. Oh well.

I had fun with this. I have left it on my PC for a couple of days and I am wondering if the game ends when you've had every avatar once or if Light, Water and Flora endlessly cycle with a slightly higher initial requirement.

This is my slightly OP karma level 3 current game.

Nice effect when you hit the Money button, but once the cost of items goes over the 2.14 trillion threshold, it all soon breaks.

Can't open file.

Life must be hell for you.

Being overly politically correct is bad enough, but being a complete idiot on top of that must really suck.

In future, try to think before writing something so utterly incorrect.

Kinda pointless. Only one character can be unlocked and eventually the game suffers so.much slow-down that it becomes unplayable. 

Maybe add a feature to turn off sprites.

Also add the other characters.

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This happened to me, too. Clicking with two thumbs is fine, but three fingers and it resets and says I am cheating.

Now I am actually playing with a macro and it works fine as it isn't set too fast.

I understand what the dev tried to do, but the click limit is way too low. I can easily click 10 times in a second, but 20 or 30 times would obviously be cheating.

Fair enough. I hope that you've found something else to fuel your passions. Good luck with whatever you do :)

Maybe that idea is a little OP.

Another thought I had is that the prestige production boost value shouldn't reset when you spend money. It has still been earned and used after all. 

All it means is that on each playthrough, you will get to a point when you have to decide to stop playing the game and just click until you can't bear it any longer in order to reset.

It would be better if every click counted, that way you are always playing the game.

I don't think that the boost given for a prestige is high enough. Adding only 0.05 to the production bonus makes very little difference, especially when the amount of money needed for your next prestige doesn't reset.

I am now at 16 production level, which gives me a x1.8 boost which is not much really.

I think that either 0.5 boost per level or the amount of money needed for prestiging never increasing would be a good way to go for this kind of game.

I like it though. I just wish that I could progress more.

I was enjoying this game until I hit some walls.

After 999.999.999.999 meat, instead of going up to 1 trillion meat, it resets to 1 billion.

After 9.999 gold instead of going to 10 thousand gold it goes to 1 thousand, then at 99.999 it goes to 10 thousand.

I have given up playing.

Oh well...

The damage and gold per second don't work properly, just occasionally.

I was hoping for a 1 million HP chest. I wanted to tap 23,000 times to open it.

The game has potential, but it is too limited. It needs more features.

Just had my most convincing win. In the final round I didn't lose a player and wiped the other team out.ARR1


I guess I kinda killed it., shame there's not more to it.

It took a while, but I got all the achievements. Here is my OP collage! 

I want to spend my bananas to improve each launch rather than doing the same thing every time.

I'm pretty sure that this game is long forgotten by the dev, but if any updates are ever made it would be nice to have variation in the sky: clouds, birds, planes etc. Maybe even just different colours in the background depending on how high you are.

Many more acheievements would be nice, too.  Getting  all but the last one is simple enough, but the last one is insanely hard.

With this in mind, an upgrade which speeds up time once you've used all your boosters would be nice.

Another thing that might be fun is a counter of how many times the car has spun on a jump.

And finally a personal scoreboard showing your farthest distance, maximum height, furthest bounce, fastest speed, most spins etc.

Fun game, but at 3.4km height and 14km furthest jump, I am getting a bit bored!

I just finished The Nightmare level for the first time, but the game froze after.

I have just realised that this may be due to no internet connection at the time.

If no edit, then that was the problem.

I just finished The Nightmare level for the first time, but the game froze after.

I have just realised that this may be due to no internet connection at the time.

If no edit, then that was the problem.

You press the symbol on the left of each tier to cancel selection.

I am still playing this all the time. It is pretty easy to beat in a variety of ways now but there is one bug which makes the computer teams OP. The staff.

If just one character on a conputer team has a staff, every member can heal. Sometimes a team with no staff will still heal.

This actually makes the game more challenging, which is good, but it is a bit unfair when I need 3 staffs to get the same effect.

I'm enjoying the game but the writing could be improved. I understand that English is not everyone's first language.

I have made this offer before and proofread and edited games and books before.

If you want me to fix the writing for free, let me know and you can email me all the text which I will correct.

If this seems rude or presumptuous, I apologise, but for something this fun and with so much to read it would really aid the overall experience if it made sense.

I did lose to some Ghosts, but I have mastered my setup now. 6 green, 2 lord, 2 fang, 1 teacher and I can get a flawless victory with a little luck.

Fun game. It would be nicer if you could get XP from playing to improve the starting stats of characters, then have higher brackets for more difficult matches. Not just cheating AI, but realistically more difficult.

It's such a shame that you gave up on this game as soon as you posted it. There are so many ways in which it could be developed and so many players who would be happy if you did.

@Killer7 - You should probably update the big header at the top of the page saying

Decisions, decisions...

A bit of everything in this update, including quite a few more new potential girlfriends.

I have had more happy tears with MNF than with anything else in the last 25 years!

I hope that the person who wants to save my soul will feature again soon. She's a kind of taboo that I find very hot.

Keep up the great work, K7 :)