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Monophonic drawing doesn’t delete existing notes, so it isn’t useful for editing.  
Putting down new notes requires cleaning up existing notes. I’d personally find it useful if monophonic drawing forced this behaviour. 

Often I want to have a track with only monophonic sounds, so I spend a lot of time deleting unwanted notes.

It would be convenient to toggle monophonic editing, so that a new note deletes the old one on the same time position.

It would be really helpful to 'snap to grid' when placing down notes. This would make it much easier to paint a path of notes but have them all hit a specific beat.  

That's excellent. Thanks!

I love that it’s currently possible to place down a single note and have it perform fantastic arpeggio effects, but it’s impossible to see those at a glance when looking at the screen. 

Could we have alternate appearance notes for the generated patterns? 

Perhaps a similar technique could also be useful to show the length of longer instruments  like pads. 

I would really appreciate this feature

Wow, lovely work!! Very stylish reinterpretation.

What crimes did the plants commit? Why are they evil? :0

Animation is great, and gameplay seems nice, but the rapid flashing was too much for me, sorry!! Please consider options to remove flashing colour like this, as it can prompt seizures.

congratulations on the release!!!

Just played through this and loved every minute of it. I wish there had been a different coloured gem or a different object, and feedback could have been better, but the game is beautiful and it works surprisingly well on just a touchscreen with the WebGL. Thank-you for sharing! I'll keep an eye out for your games in future. 

This doesn't seem to work at all on Unity 5.6. I'm using the 5.6 package. Any ideas?

Thank you for this! 

Been really loving Sinput this last month. I've generally hated my experience with control addons and avoided them until later in the project, but Sinput makes everything much easier. Thank-you!

I raw into some trouble with GetVector because I couldn't find how to control the smoothing of the input.  Would it be possible in future to explain variables like this?  

As for NormalClip, I was able to understand its meaning when I searched through the sourcecode, but it wasn't entirely obvious at first. 

Great work on the demo so far! I just played for a while into the explosive levels, then I decided to buy the game and wait until a later version.  The jump controls are a little squirrely, and the hitboxes often feel a little unfair, but there are a lot of good ideas here. I'd like to see more variety in music, and a fullscreen option (I'm using Borderless Gaming as a workaround). I've been playing this on my TV with PS4 controller.