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Your submission was removed from the jam.  Please only post playabale entries.

Thanks man.   All you got to do is update the sprites when you feel like it and then $$$$ :D

While I'm not opposed to giving Yume Nikki Fangame creators money, you are using a modified sprite of Kikiyama's and are kinda selling it in spite of using something you didn't get permission to make money off of.  Even though you don't have to pay for the game to download it, I'd suggest you'd take the "name your own price" tag off unless you reupload a version with your own sprite base instead.

I hope your email is the one you put down when you sent me your submission via tumblr, as I just sent you a link to entering in your game properly into the jam.   Contact me if you have any problems!

That's fine!  You have until 5 days after the jam to turn something in, even if it doesn't quite meet the 10 worlds, 3 effects, 3 events guidelines. Just don't give me Wakana Nikki and you're good.   If you can't make it at all, that's fine too - when you finish, just send it to the Dream Diary Jam tumblr & I'll post it there for other players to see.  :)

I hope your wrist feels better, that sounds terrible :c

This is the lamest forum thread I've ever seen, I'll keep it up to see how lame it gets