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For a game that have graphics like this? At Super minimum settings? 

The game froze when I waking up from the bed the first time.

Erm. Sorry but this game has fps lag in 640x480 with very low graphics on a 750 Ti. I don't know what's the problem but I really don't want to find out.

It's a bit annoying I can close a menu just with the button I opened with. That would be great if I close any menu with the escape button. It's that way in almost any game.

The mouse cursor is a little laggy or slow when I open the crafting, furnace or cooking menu. Maybe it's just my PC but the game run fine.

Also it will be useful if can move items from and to inventories with a shift+click combo. I can grab an item with a right click but I cannot put in a slot. if I press lmb or rmb on an empty slot the item just stays in the original slot.

Can you split item stacks? Or can I pick just one item out of a stack? If not that would be a good idea I think.

The movement don't feel very realistic. Your character just "slides". Maybe you can add a slight up and down movement to feel like the character walks.

Can you add an indicator to the jetpack how many energy left?

It has potential in this game. It's a good game and a good start.

I simply rename the .exe file to .scr and right click, installed it. I dont know this is the best solution but I found this. Oh and unfortunately the screensaver didn't quit to mouse movement or keypress. You have to press the Q key to that. 

It would be awesome if there is an official screensaver version of this program. 

I really wanted to set this program for screensaver on windows. I done it, it works!
Just a question.
There is a way to start this application with a default setting?
Like a custom default intensity of the rain, with the clock turned on.
Can I make a config file or can I give command line arguments to it or something?

It's fun by the way.

Thanks. :)