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This game is cute, and I like it, I even attempted to make a Chinese translation (that whole translation file is really cringy)

and that Fight inside the house music is obviously a speed-uped version of the house theme in EC

you could edit the dialog box for Lonely Girl to let it look more like EC (not for other person's dialog box)

also that Call of the Void music does not very fit

But will the spare counter break when I use the Heal spell or something similar?

it's HEARTACHE (yes full caps)

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agree, should have checkpoints, or the battle will be hard to beat (i love s/l)

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For some reasons, I wanna ask you to implement X key on the overworld text box, which skips typing (differ from C key). It's like this:UndertaleModTool :P

Also, please support Enter key (behavior same as Z key), because when i'm playing UNDERTALE I always use Enter key instead of Z key.

Edit: Control (ctrl) key => C key too, i guess

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For some reasons I have binary of the GameMaker:Studio runner for Linux, however i dont know how to share. With it you can play this game.

EDIT: i cant make a HTML5 version of this game though


i think he mean he beat the game, later because he always memorize this sad battle he cant handle any other bosses.

yes (late reply)

Well, while modding I notice a few oddities, Determination Sans in 10px size is still smooth, however Zpix in 10px looks choppy. However, when I test under GameMaker:Studio, Zpix in 12px looks OK. Could you try a bigger game size (320x240 or 640x480) maybe next fangame please?

Amazing game! Wanna kindly ask, can I translate this game to Chinese as a hobby project? Note I‘ll use a mod tool, and won't embed the CN translate to the original game / publish the translation on itch dot io.