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This is quite a room I have found myself in.

Super addicting!  Awesome game.  My only qualms are that Suplex really bites and damn those scorpions(?) that blind you.

Hi there!  Just receive my complete (so far) collection of the Goblinville Gazettes!  I can't wait to run them, but I was just wondering about the effects of certain town locations, as well as where goblins work and how money works in the Goblinville town.

Firstly, are opportunities different from work?  Are opportunities essentially the ability to find hooks into different adventures?  So a "thieving" hook (i.e. sneak into location X and steal a precious artifact) is only available if you have a thieves guild?  As the GM, should you flavor the incentives of adventures depending on where the goblins obtained the opportunity?  And when the Rules of Play says that finding an opportunity costs 1 scratch, this is the scratch covered in the Town Square location, correct?  Are rumors different than opportunities?  I would imagine they might be different in flavor (an opportunity representing a task someone assigns you and a rumor is an unsolicited hint at an interesting location, for example).

Secondly, where do goblins work, exactly?  Intuitively I would say they all go to the locations associated with their jobs and work there for their 1 scratch.  However, locations such as the Latrines have just one bonus without a keystone, and that is the ability to find work.  Is this different than their usual work?   Or is this meant to be an opportunity?

Related to this, is work meant to be unsustainable in Goblinville? It is interesting that a town the PCs are essentially fighting for treats them like crap; work doesn't even cover room and board, and going without room and board incurs a condition, as well as the chance of work itself incurring a condition.  Is this why the PCs are adventuring?  The premise cites that the PCs are "broke goblins".  Does this refer to them strictly or is it meant to show that Goblinville itself is impoverished?  

Finally, how much inventory does scratch occupy?  And does any treasure brought into Goblinville essentially get converted immediately into scratch?

Sorry for the loads of questions!  I just think having a better idea of how the town phase works would allow me to paint a more coherent picture of the Goblinville society.  Any tips are much appreciated!