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Oh, awesome! Thanks!!

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I love the idea of a flipnote-like program, but I do have some constructive criticism if you're open to it

1-While trying to draw, I found it a little tedious (for lack of a better word) to switch from the tool menu to the actual drawing pad. It would be a lot easier if there were shortcuts on the drawing screen for each tool. Like having a pencil icon that expands to a bunch of options for the pencil tool. As well as putting the page switch option onto the draw screen as well. It doesn't seem to take up much room, so I don't think it would be in the way.

2-A tutorial. Or a how-to section. Because I would not be surprised if it turns out all these things are options and I just couldn't figure out how to do any of it. It just seems a little confusing to use without some instruction

3-And as a previous comment said, some undo-redo shortcut buttons. That was one of the most useful functions on the ds version, and I could really see it coming in handy here

All in all though, for an early version, this is really cool! I'm really, really excited to see what you can do with this! And I really hope none of my comments came off as rude, I genuinely only mean this as constructive criticism

Thanks for making this!!