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Looks great! What engine was this made in? 

Very cool.

I'm extremely fond of stylish visual novels that revolve around solving mysteries, so I loved this. I'm excited to see what comes out in the future—great job!

This game is gentle, short, and quiet, which I liked. I especially liked the watercolor look of the art, which really strikes the balance between minimal and detailed. Very interesting and definitely worth the play! 

Though one minor thing: sometimes it was difficult for me to distinguish the choice screen options from the regular dialogue text, which made me think the game froze. 

Thank you so much for playing! No worries; I had some planned save breaks coded in to break the story into chunks.

This VN was absolutely adorable. The CGs are cute, and the dynamic between the two characters got super sweet. Great short story!!

I got this game some time ago, and every so often it wanders back into my mind. It's honestly super charming, and I love the format (really shows how far you can go with Ren'Py with the right know-how). I would love to see these characters return in a future project!

Admittedly I don't play horror games very often. But I'd been hearing great things about Project Kat, and I'm glad that I checked it out! I love the game's aesthetics, and the setup makes the atmosphere genuinely tense. I can't wait to see where this project goes in the future! Awesome job

If it's because the application is from an unidentified developer, try opening System Preferences, going to the "Security & Privacy" panel, and opening the game from there.