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I'm happy to help!! I hope it works for your project.

I forgot to mention in my last reply that I defined a separate audio channel for the text bleeps (which affects the changes to the name_callback function). That's why I have a channel named "bleeps" in the code. This can be changed to any audio channel (premade or custom) where bleeps can work. 

Please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions about my implementation!! <3 <3

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In another .rpy file, I have a dictionary that maps character names (the string that is used for the cb_name parameter when defining a Character) to the path of their respective bleep files, which looks something like this:

## name_callback in game/00auto-highlight.rpy uses this dictionary 
## to determine what bleeps to use per character
define bleeps_dict = {"ss" : "audio/bleep023.ogg", "vl" : "audio/bleep003.ogg", "ap" : "audio/bleep006.ogg"}

And in 00auto-highlight.rpy, I tweaked the name_callback function to look like this (please note that I defined a separate audio channel just for text bleeps):

def name_callback(event, interact=True, name=None, **kwargs):
         global speaking_char
         if event == "begin":
             speaking_char = name
         ## text bleeps
         if name in bleeps_dict:
             if event == "show":
       [name], channel="bleeps", loop=True)
             elif event == "slow_done" or event == "end":
       "bleeps", fadeout=1.0)

If there is a character who shouldn't use bleeps (I defined a separate Character object for my MC's thoughts, for example), then the "if name in bleeps_dict" line above can be changed to something like: 

if name in bleeps_dict and name != "name_of_silent_character": 

If there are several character who don't speak, it might be easier to define a list of names of silent characters and then use "...and name not in silent_characters". 

I think this is all I needed to do. If you have any issues, please feel free to let me know!! ♡

(Also I'm really sorry if the code formatting above is a bit nasty to read with the indentations)

This is such a dream review—especially since I uploaded the project with no clue on how it would be received by players. It's an honor to be compared with giants in the genre! 

I'm glad you mentioned the pacing, which was actually something I was concerned about during development. I think I was worried about overloading the player with exposition/information, so I tried to hit puzzles and plot beats as soon as possible—players can seek out the optional scenes/dialogue if they choose to do so. I planned for the prologue and first chapter to be short since they're so early in the story. Right now, I'm wondering if I should keep a similar pace for future chapters, or if I should slow things down. 

In short, thank you for writing such a nice and enthusiastic comment! This is definite motivation to get the next chapter out!! ♡♡♡

Thank you so much for your time and effort! This comment was instrumental in developing the most recent patch. Like I mentioned in the devlog, I really appreciate players helping me make my game better!!

I really appreciate you giving it another shot. If you happen to find any other bugs, please feel free to let me know!!

I also forgot to mention this earlier, but do you mind going into a bit more detail on the hiding UI? 

Thank you so much for playing! I’ll look into those bugs and see if I can replicate and patch them. The water isn’t meant to clean the key, actually; the soda bottle (once filled) should do it automatically (it’s also an option to get the bottle, fill the bottle, and then get the key). I didn’t expect the duplicated note bug, but there’s probably a mistake with how my code checks for what notes are already there. Thank you so much for commenting, and please let me know if you find any other lil bugs!!

I think that this was an incredible game! The writing is pretty smart, the animations are dynamic and interesting, and the overall construction is pretty admirable. Definitely a lot of fun for Ace Attorney fans. (Slight spoiler: there was a time where I audibly whispered "he's about to update the autopsy report" with a little too much hype). I'm hoping for more in the future!

Actually, I just have to call my bleeps function within name_callback. In hindsight, I should've pieced that together much faster...

The effect is pretty cool. Thank you so much for the resource!

This is really cool. Would it be possible to use this effect along with dialogue bleeps (since both of those effects use the callback parameter)? If so, what would be the best way to combine them? Thanks!

Very cool.

I'm extremely fond of stylish visual novels that revolve around solving mysteries, so I loved this. I'm excited to see what comes out in the future—great job!

This game is gentle, short, and quiet, which I liked. I especially liked the watercolor look of the art, which really strikes the balance between minimal and detailed. Very interesting and definitely worth the play! 

Though one minor thing: sometimes it was difficult for me to distinguish the choice screen options from the regular dialogue text, which made me think the game froze. 

This VN was absolutely adorable. The CGs are cute, and the dynamic between the two characters got super sweet. Great short story!!

I got this game some time ago, and every so often it wanders back into my mind. It's honestly super charming, and I love the format (really shows how far you can go with Ren'Py with the right know-how). I would love to see these characters return in a future project!

Admittedly I don't play horror games very often. But I'd been hearing great things about Project Kat, and I'm glad that I checked it out! I love the game's aesthetics, and the setup makes the atmosphere genuinely tense. I can't wait to see where this project goes in the future! Awesome job

If it's because the application is from an unidentified developer, try opening System Preferences, going to the "Security & Privacy" panel, and opening the game from there.