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Very cool and fun demo!

I too got stock in the doorways a bit, but possibly a smaller collision box for the player would help that.

Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed it!  The other secret 'mode' is for my young kids to play (5 and 2 years old), that may be the bug you are referring to :)

Just what I was looking for, written tutorials (not videos that are hard to reference later) in as close to bare metal programming as you can get with SDL2 and in my preferred language C.

Love that there is a variety of project types and more are being added, (especially interested in the 2D strategy game).

Great work and thank you for providing this for people interested in low level game programming.

Just skimmed through some of the source and am very happy with the purchase.  Looking forward to going through these!

Wow incredible thank you!

Ahh I see, thank you!

Maybe it is just my browser, but when I go to the downloads page it does not show the downloads files?

Been deep diving into the repos and all the custom tools.  The organization, polish, and simplicity is a thing of beauty. And all written in C, fully open source.  Exactly what I have been looking for, well worth a donation imo. I can't wait to get started on my project ideas.  Well done!!!

Thank you that helps!

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Is submitting a game made with Pico8 (paid retro game dev environment by lexaloffle) but playable for free and source code available, allowed? Also the game is a remake of battleship, is that also allowed?