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DM Badger

A member registered Jun 11, 2020

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Hi there,

Dont know how to favourite this item but I know comments appear in my 'bell' feed.

Please reply, I will probably buy this in april or may

Hi there 

I also have affinty designer.  I am really adept at pubisher but really rusty on designer.  I cannot figure out how to get started.  Any tips would be amazing

pretty awesome, even a grognard troglodyte like me might be able to follow that

Hi there, thank you for doing this.  It looks even better!!

unfortunately I am a tech dumbo and cant find where to download the updated edition. 

Please advise

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Hey there, do you know when the circle program will go on sale?  Its Pie day and 4pm in the UK.  I just wondered what time the sale would go live

D'oh was so excited that I got the day wrong.

Pi day is tomorrow


These look like they were made with your software.  Were they?

If I buy this will I get the software discounted by $5?

yeah will do that instead. 

For some reason I completely for about the forward email feature


I backed this but followed the link for the draconic orb so I could pass to a friend but cant save the image from email and dont see it here