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Super cute idea!

Good job so far! I am going to attempt my first platformer, great inspiration!

Good Job! Need some sound effects, but the game play is right on!

Thank you!!

Does this have an executable file? I do not know anything about gamemaker.

Fun little game!

The graphics are fun! Cute game.

Sorry, I missed that. Works like a charm! One other question, when I decide to upgrade to the Advanced Leaderboard will it keep the same public key and just increase the capacity or will I have to create a new Leaderboard and key?

I like how easy this is to use, however I need some help. I am working on a pinball game and getting ready to launch it. I love the idea of using your leader-board. My issue is that when the game is running the player has the option of changing who is playing. When the leader-board is sent an updated score and name the name previously on the leader-board is changed to the new name entered. I assume that there is something set up when the game starts that it only effects updates in that session. Is there a work around?

    public void SetLeaderboardEntry(string userName, int score)    {       

        LeaderboardCreator.UploadNewEntry(leaderBoardKey,userName, score,((msg) =>
        {            GetLeaderboard();



Fun game! Good job!!

It does not seem to work. Ball will not launch :(

Super! Thank you

Super Cute Game!

These are amazing! I am working on a steampunk Pinball game to release on Steam later this year/ early next year. I would love to set the machine in one these beautiful backgrounds.

Good Job! Nicely paced and fun too play!

Thank you for the feedback. The more practice the better the game experience and once the nudge is mastered it is possible to run it up to over a million points!

GodEye it is uploaded. Let me know what you think!

It is made in Unity. I do not have a Mac but I can sure compile a Mac version. I will see if I can publish that version and let me know how it plays.


Thank you for the kind words! I am so glad that you liked it. :)

It was fun trying to design something new with an old fashioned feel.

Thank you!

Thank you

Good Job! I would like to see it set up for joystick as well. Brought back good arcade memories!

Very well done. Brought back good memories. I will be playing this a lot.

Thank you!

The steering controls were a bit touchy. I found myself turned around the wrong direction most of the game-play. Too frustrating. Maybe I will give it a try again at a later date. The graphics were very good.

Cool Game

Thank you for the feedback! We will see if we can find that bug.

Very Cool!

Good Job

Nice game. Good job in 72 hours!

Very Nice! Makes you just want to keep trying!!

Had Promise, but after a while no matter what it said " You Landed" even when the ship crashed. Could use sound also. Keep working on it!

Nice Work. I hope to be inspired for an incredible game!!

It does have potential to become a really fun game. Good Job!

Fun Game. Good Job!