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David Kelly

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A real love letter to Celeste. Love the sounds and music. Very challenging.

Fun game! The music was my favorite part.

Seems to be a Safari issue. Safari has had problems with some other games I've played too. Using chrome now, and the music is great. :)

I'm having a great time with the mechanics, and I enjoy the sounds. Are you planning on adding music at some point?

Yup! I was playing it in Chrome just now. So far I've gotten to 3 different endings, but I'm looking forward to finding more later. Great job with the writing! -- And I love how the music responds to certain things. I won't say more on that, to keep from spoiling anything.

What a surreal adventure! -- One of my personal favorites for AGBIC this year. Nice work!

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This game looks beautiful! (At first I thought there was no sound and music, but I think my computer was just being weird, whoops!)  Nice work! 

Great Job! I love the commitment to the aesthetic. 

Hi, gpgopika. This was neat, and of course, creepy. (I hope it's ok for the feedback to be in the comments). For me, spelling and grammar mistakes make it harder to get into the story, and you did have a few of those. Nice work, though. :)

Hi. I'm having trouble on the first screen. There seems to be a loading bar that won't progress. I'm on a mac, using Safari.

Great lil puzzle game, with an interesting atmosphere. I have to agree with gamesdisk though-- the short music loop wore out its welcome fairly quickly. If you're interested in working with someone else for sounds and music, feel free to drop me a line in the future.

Ah, ok, I think I've worked out what to do! -- you need to select another player as a CPU, which requires navigating over to that box. Got it!

Hi, I haven't been able to play. I'm stuck on the "Select Champs" Screen, where I can't figure out how to progress from there.

Hi, JOYGamers. I work in sound and music. If you send me some ideas, concept art, or past work-- maybe we can team up! :)