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A member registered Aug 20, 2020

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That's great! I'm really looking forward to this, it looks very promising!

Will the game include other LGBT+ options in the future?

A very pleasent trippy and surreal experience. I really liked it, good job!


Hands down, best game of 2020

The mac version of the game crashes right after I left click on the first dialog

Honestly, you did an amazing job. The nostalgic design, the space-terror atmosphere (which in my opinion is being enhanced by the old graphics) and the 'twist' at the end of the game, definately created a memorable experience, even if the game itself was short. I would love to see more 3D projects made by you and hell, maybe one day I will be able to make one myself. Keep it up man! 

This game, altho short, is a very pleasent surreal experience which gives you food for thought. It's the type of game which you want to play again after finishing it, just to hear the narration once again and understand the story a little bit better.

I am looking forward  to playing more games by the author. Definately reccomend.