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Very cool game, but the download doesn't work in the Itch desktop app. Marking the file as Win/Linux/Mac should fix that.

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Really want to play this, but Windows will not budge with the post-jam version, even after trying whitelisting it. Jam version goes by just fine, but the other won't for some reason. The Itch app refuses to let it download too. :(

Very wholesome indeed 馃ズ

pumpkin emits an odorous odor that produces a      reaction when inhaled by human nostril 馃憽

this is necessary to my living condition

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Yeah that sounds like it would be really cool to go through!
Also, your fault for making a good game and such a cute cover ;) haha
I found it on  personally :D

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Heyo, I got this  game with the itch bundle a while back and am wondering if I could get a Steam key for it since the bundle didn't include them? Would like to have my games all in one place, plus easier for multiplayer with friends :D
Some way to contact yall would be appreciated to go with this <3

Since this game is Pico-8 and well I'm an aspiring PICO-8 dev (hopefully some day), it would be really cool if you included the original cart in the SP purchase!

Sent, let me know if you received it so I know I sent to the right address!

Heyo, was browsing roguelikes on Steam and saw this game, then realized it was included in the itch bundle a few months back (and did a little happy dance), and was wondering if there is a way to claim a Steam key for the game so I can get achievements and also since I like to keep my library in one place? Thank you <3

I am so hyped omg this game is well worth the wait

Also, there's a persistent bug where I'm unable to slingshot myself the first time I spawn in a level. Resetting with [R] fixes it though.

Really fun game so far! It's definitely got fun gameplay, and with a bit of polish, I can definitely see this being a game that lots of people would come back to to keep playing, as you said with the addictive part :P. Also, great choice of music--that alone was enough to keep me playing. :D

Hello ROBYSOFT! Wanted to check in and see if anything has been worked on with my request? Thank you! :)

With Wallpaper Engine you can set an EXE as the background, so I'm assuming that's what they did to do that.

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That would be awesome!

If you make it available through itch though, I'll have to ask for it to be emailed to me because I only own the Steam version.
I can provide those details on twitter dm's if needed.

Is there a way to play this offline for times when there's no wifi? Like tricking the game into thinking the local network from my computer is the chatventures server?

Has potential, needs some polishing and a better attack mechanic. <3

Less rain drops would be a good additional setting for the regular version, but yeah I'd prefer no rendered visuals at all to make as little of an impact as possible so I can still do more demanding things while listening to the rain <3

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Hey, is it possible to get an audio-only version? All the rain really takes a hit on my GPU, but I still like having the rain as background noise. Basically the app (click and drag feature still working), probably running in windowed, without the visual effects, at least that would be the ideal version for me. Thank you <3

Try installing it with the Itch app.

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Ah, got it! Thank you so much! 馃А

What do I do with the worms sticking out of the ground and sticks sticking out of the ground? I've seen pictures with them out of the ground but I can't figure that out either...

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How do you break the meteor? I have been trying many different things and I seem to be very stuck and unsure of what all everything can do :(
Oh also I should mention I got the game by purchasing it on Steam, so I'm not sure if there are some differences in the versions?

The meteor stole my pencil and I am upset.

For some reason not all games are downloadable through the itch desktop app. I would recommend downloading the game

s file through your browser, and maybe also contact itch to let them know about this issue.

What friends?