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Very.... um.... interesting game. I do think the idea is interesting but there seems to need to be more to it. Something to keep the player more interested. Even though the video is only 7 minutes long, it's edited down quite a bit from about 30 minutes of me just clicking. Either way though, I like the concept and the original horror idea.

Hey there! I made a video on this game and I can definitely see a unique little idea in this game.  There is definitely a lot of creativity put into it which I enjoyed. The ending REALLY caught me off guard, but it was pretty good overall. 

Hey I made a video on this..... game. It was surely a maddening experience none-the-less. I think there is a pretty good game in this but... just... WHY THE GARFIELD? xD    Anyways, here's the video haha. 


Hey! I really enjoyed playing this game and it had me laughing the entire way through! I thought that some of the levels were a bit difficult, especially the last one I covered, but all in all I still enjoyed it! I made a little video on it to just show you my experience in the game, all though the addition of that new character coming soon did make me wish that I had waited a bit to play the game, however it was still fun nonetheless! 

So... you people are absolute torture. Even though this was hilariously made, and I played it, it was still absolute torture. 

I had an absolute blast playing this! It was so cute and expertly made! I can't sing it's praises enough! The drawings, the imagination behind it, I just love it all! 

Hey! I made a video on this a while back and it was a ton of fun! I'll admit, not much to do, but the art-style and the concept was rather interesting and really fun! 

Hey, I made a video on this game a little while and I had a blast with it! I laughed so hard throughout the entire game, and I think it was pretty fun. The art-style of the game looks amazing as well! Good job on the game! 

Hey,  I made a video about this game a bit ago (I thought that I put it in this little itchio comments section thing... oops). I thought it was pretty neat and creative. Really good work. 

This was honestly one of the most fun and funniest games I've played on my channel! I laughed the whole way through!

Hey! I had a toooon of fun with this little gem! I know you made it over a year ago, but I still thought it was an adorable little game! 

Hey, had a bit of fun with this little game! I'll admit, it really creeped me out but the interest of exactly what is going on, kept me hooked!

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A GAME ABOUT HOT DOGS?!? I'M GONNA HAVE TO CHECK TO SEE IF I HAVE DIABETES AFTER THIS ONE! In all seriousness though, nice job. I laughed the entire way through!

I had a whooole lotta fun with this video. I was always hoping a game like this would be created, based off the Rock Bottom episode, and you made that hope a reality! I laughed so hard the entire way through, especially when the main enemy came out of no where. 


Hey, I played this a while ago and I was really into it! I'm not a guy that loves jumpscare-kinda horror games so this felt genuinely a bit creepy but interesting! Good job on this gem! 

Had a ton of fun with this one! Klepto is such a funky, but interesting design for an alien! Reminds me of an older Nickelodeon style, which is a definite plus from me! :D 

Had a lot of fun with this one! Made me laugh a ton! A bit short, but still fun overall! :D 

Oh my god, did I enjoy this little game! It's so awesome, and I absolutely adore A.L.F.R.E.D, both the game and the character. I want to learn more and more about this world, and how it became to be. Also, knowing that just some students made this, makes it even more astounding! It was so clever and felt original, the game play and the art style! If I could play more, you bet your sweet butts I would! 

I really enjoyed the game! I liked the glitchy effects and the feeling of "is this in a simulation oorrr....". I might've been one of the only people that got that vibe, just go with it haha. But yeah, the art styles and visual of this game was absolutely inspiring as well as captivating.  

Hey, I had a pretty enjoyably time with the game. I think I lernd a loot of gud tiping skillz tat I caan noe use 2 ferther mi life. In all seriousness though, really funny. Not too long, but not too short either. Good little time killer for a few laughs! 

Hey, I really enjoyed the game. The entire game was cute and funny. I loved how cute the giant eyeballs was. And the hole "orphanage" thing in the background made me laugh. Good job guys!

Oh god, this game is amazingly funny. I laughed non stop for pretty much all of this video. Just the idea of a stretchy waiter, like this, actually serving you is creatively hilarious. 

I loved the game! It started out feeling a bit creepy, but it turns out to be so interesting with the story and exactly what is going on. This is my playlist to my series on it, and I absolutely loved it all.

Such a beautiful experience this was.  It was a very good looking game, but I'm not to sure if there was a story to be told in it. But, when it comes to a game being art, this is truly one of those experiences. 

Why.... xD

Hey guys! I enjoyed what you made. It was super fun to play and record on but also a little difficult to control. Although... that made the gameplay even more challenging. Anyways, this was very creative and I loved the game! :D 

Hi! I loved the game! Short, and beautiful. And that fact you are all just High School students, like me, blows my mind! Great Job you guys! 

Hey man! Had fun...ish.... recording the game. Pretty rage inducing but still, fun and simple concept! :D

Made a video on the first chapter, now here it is for the second one! I had fun playing it (even if I faled a lot lol)! I loved the story that continues and I am already hyped for the 3rd chapter!

Hi! I really enjoyed this little game! I thought it was pretty comedic and my only wish was to have the sloth be a more prominent feature in the game. But still, loved the game and challenge that went along with it! :D

I really liked this game! It was so calming and the art style was really cute!

Hey, this is just a video I made on the game. Really enjoyed it! I thought the idea was very creative and I loved the whole idea of building the tracks in a room! I wish you added more! Like, a kitchen, bathroom, etc. Anyways, had fun playing it! :D

No, thank you for making the game!

Hey, guys! Pretty fun game for what it was! I, personally, didn't find it tooooo scary. I became more interested in what was happening than "oh, i should be scared". I did like the game, but it's not as scary as I thought it would be.

Anyways! Here's my video on it! :D

Fun little game! I loved this concept! I do wish there was more to it though. It was funny for what it was, but I sorta wish there was more to it. Like, more ways to leave and more to explore while also still trying to hide from everyone! Good game mechanics and fun to record!

Hey guys! Interesting stuff you got here! Hilarious game you guys made! It was really fun to record! Would really like some sort of sequel with this!

Pretty good of a game. The acting and the "jumpscares" made it even more fun to record!

Really enjoyed playing this game! It's a little buggy, but they only seemed to improve the amount of fun in it! Such fun this is!

I like the game... ish. I think the paper at the beginning could use a bit of work done on it to know what you are doing. Also, maybe a way for some newbies like myself to understand the shape and formula to make all the requested items. Just a few suggestions. Still had fun recording it!

I REALLY enjoyed this game... when I learned how to play the game. Maybe in the beginning of the game, I would have a panel saying what each symbol in the game did. But overall I still enjoyed it. Very creative concept.