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Hey, as an old Ski veteran i love to create my own snow empire. Love this game, great idea!

After playing a while i noticed that there is some major lagging when entering fast forward mode >>>. From what I saw, I would guess that there are too many moving objects, that has to be calculated within the frame, so the fps drops (Since CPU and GPU performance doesn't really change between the 3 speed modes). With normal speed it's O.K.,with double Speed >> there some minor lags, but with fast forward >>> it isn't enjoyable any more.


- 38 Lifts (most of them max length)

- about 100 -150 ski runs

- ~ 1800 skiers

my first idea was, that the skiers are the problem, but analyzing the moving stuff all around my snow empire, i recognized, that the lifts as well are a bunch of little moving bastards (50 -100 gondolas/chairs per Lift) * 38 = 3800 objects + 1800 skiers -> 5600 moving Entities altogether. Since you're working with unity, you may should try ECS (Entity-Component-System), which have great effect on games with a lot of Entities moving the same way (like your chairs/gondolas and skiers).

Or Simply don't calculate each step of the movement on >>> mode but interpolate between each 10th step or something like this.

PLease try to fix this, cause playing on >>> mode is not pleasant in the later game.

best regards, Chris