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Hi. A couple more little bugs I've encountered while playing this game:

Freeze on title screen

  1. Click the mouse to start the game.
  2. As soon as the game starts, press escape to quit.
  3. Quickly click the mouse again while the title screen is fading in, before the fade-in completes and the ball starts bouncing around.

If you time it right then the game freezes instead of starting the game. If you don't get the bug on the first try keep trying. It usually happens to me after a few plays if I'm getting impatient.

Autocomplete message shows up late

Very minor issue, but sometimes the "press space to autocomplete" message shows up one round later than it should. This seems to happen when the last face down card is revealed by sending a face up card from the table to the top. The player must then make one more move before the "press space" message appears, even though all the cards are face up. It seems like the check happens after the player makes their move, but before the game turns over any cards that have been revealed.

Hi. Since today the game seems to freeze on a black screen after the game is complete. At this point the game doesn't respond to any input and I have to close it with alt+F4. This is after the card bouncing animation, at the point when previously the credits were displayed. I've seen this a couple of times now, and both times I've pressed space to autocomplete the game after getting all cards out on the table. The appearance of this problem for me coincides with the introduction of the prompt to press space to autocomplete the game. Is it possible you've borked something in an update?

I'm on Windows 10 and running in the itch sandbox.