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11/10 it was him

Thanks so much for your playthrough! Currently there is just the one ending. :)

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!! It's helpful to hear what you  noticed, I definitely wanna look into those things.

Here is my submission!

The Way Out

Can you find the clues that lead to way out of this room?

Thanks so much for playing! The assets are all public licensed from sketchfab, I’m glad you enjoyed the look and feel of the game. I also appreciate your feedback and will definitely keep your thoughts in mind. :)

this really resonated with me as a student in a game development program in college - they really teach crunch mentality in american schools and no one should have to go through so much suffering. thank you for sharing this!

thank you! definitely stay tuned :)

thanks so much

thanks so much for playing! good to know - i will have to look into that :)

this is great! i would definitely be excited to see how this develops if you continue it :)

love the style of this and the player feel! would love to see more

this is a really clever puzzle game! building/placing mechanics seem really innovative and i would love to see more :)

love the art style! these mechanics are super clever and would love to see more levels or bosses

I love the art style! I would love to see more kinds of bosses one day

such a cool mechanic idea and really cute style. love it!

thanks so much!! <3

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such a great art style and lovely music! very funny and cute. <3 

thank you!! huge fan of your game as well :)