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FUNNY AND TRICKY AT THE SAME TIME! The game is rather more detailed than any other games that come in just as small as this one. So after the gameplay i was chuckling half of the time due to the physics of the game but at the same time ASTOUND by the details like GAMING CONSOLES, PLUNGER AND THE MOST FUNNY THING ! i found my keys in my toilet commode. Hands on GREAT Game !

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A VERY NICE PLOT OF THE GAME! Nothing to say much but the confusion of the guy standing on the door is not present as it is a MYSTERIOUS game that has its element dead and seeing himself cleaned by someone else just make the things work MORE CREEPELY! So after the gameplay i was surprised to see that some INDIE HORROR GAMES ARE HAVING BETTER PLOTS THAN SOME TRIPLE A TITLES!



Very Nice thumbnail DUDE!! It really is a good game and make you think crazily!

And your vid is awesome Too!

By the way are you INDIAN b/c i'm also!! 

Hi! Greetings from me (DJAY) and the INDIAN GAMING COMMUNITY!

Your work is amazing! Keep up the amazing work and please update us on your future 

works just like this one which is AMAZING!

If you want to see my experience with your game demo then pls check it out-