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AppLab Key please! The one in the Download section is old and Not working! 

AppLab Key, please!

App Lab Key please!!! Just like all the other developers do.

Bought on but I want a key for Abb Lab

Same question here!!!!! Send me an AppLab Key Please

"Excuse me, but as the game is already on AppLab, will we receive AppLab keys to activate already purchased game on Oculus account?"

I can click the sign, but it doesn't appear in the writing field. Seems to be a bug.

... mostly happens with two gladius swords - especially during a jump attack. Game freezes and crashes with black screen.

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I installed the game but can‘t complete the required online registration with my e-mail address because I canˋt enter the  *-* sign. 

Update: Second email-address without *- * sign worked!

But the Game crashes often:

- especially in arena fights when you use two weapons and attacks while jumping!
- deactivating the intro prevents the game from starting

Some screenshots shown are not from the Quest version.  
Image flickers too much and graphics could be a lot better.  
Maybe better bought the Rift version :-(

Yes, I did! but the controls don't seem to work for me

i don't understand the controls.  it is impossible for me to fly.  the graphics do not match the photos

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Restartet my Quest - now it works 👍🏻

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Restartet my Quest - now it works 👍🏻

German/English/.... interface and subtitles not working!!!! only chinese 

Good Quest port with a few problems, that still need to be fixed:

- Framerate needs some optimization

- Add a function to reduce music volume

- Add Antialiasing

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Good Quest port that need to be optimized.

- Add the PC costumes DLC

- Add a "Hide Subtitles" function

- Framerate needs some optimization

- AntiAliasing could be better.