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Looooved this. The browser aspect was super cool, and I really enjoyed how this made me need to use my brain a little bit but without being stressed out. Super cute :)

Oh man. I got the true ending first try and I didn't even see the twist coming. It felt like a gut punch, I cried like a baby. This is absolutely beautiful, painful storytelling and I absolutely cannot wait to see what you write next. Thank you.

Looks like that fixed it! Thank you so much! Looking forward to discovering all the mushrooms! I'm so in love with this game, I'm even making my own guide to make sure I find ALL the mushroom babies :') so excited for whatever comes next!!!

It's just after this screen! I don't get an error pop up, just rerouted to the main menu. I'm using MacOS Monterey. I'll try clearing the data and reinstalling!

Hi! I updated to the latest version and now I can't get past the witch. After I make my choice for payment, it reroutes me back to the main menu. I can see where I left off in the quick loads, but still can't get any further than that :

such cute idea + art style, just kind of impossible to play without giving a tutorial or any instructions :(

really cute game, but there's some sort of glitch where the pointer takes up the entire computer screen, which kind of makes it unplayable :(

Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I've never seen such gory detail in pixel art! Just amazing omg :'

This is sooooo real omg thank you for this :') feels less lonely knowing I'm not the only sewer slide all person getting fucked around!



I finally got all 12 endings. I couldn't stop until I did. Such a beautiful piece of writing, I couldn't stop trying to solve the mysteries of where Ash and Leon were. Like everyone else, I'm having an existential crisis. It was exactly the immersive experience I was hoping for. Just in love with the world of Trigaea, I can't say it enough. Thank you <3

SO GOOD! I absolutely love the art style, the interactiveness of the storyline, everything about this is so much fun omg

BEST game i've played in so long. thank you.

soooo cute! I love the ghost pup ending :')

super cute concept omg, just a little confusing to figure out!

absolutely beautiful and devastating game. gorgeous graphics, the color palette was great, and I could listen to the music all day.instantly thought of my own great grandmother, who died last year just as covid was hitting the US, so we couldn't have a funeral or any kind of service for her. i'm not sure if she had dementia, but what you said about the grandmother losing her ability to care for herself alongside losing her memories rang true for me. this felt like the chance to have a memorial for her. I also love how I couldn't tell if the little goat grandchild was laughing, sobbing, or just breathing. rest in peace grandma goatlady and my grandma Jolie. thank you for this.

this is just soooo cute! i love the literal interpretation of a game jam!

oh I'm loving it! stuck on level 14 now and I don't plan on quitting til I beat the game!

the most frustrating little platformer I've ever played. I'm obsessed. 

OOF THIS IS BRUTAL. this made my damn heart hurt. can't wait for the full version!!