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Many thanks for commenting on our video with answers to our many questions about what inspired you to create this game and how you created it!

Also, it was great inspiration for Liz to learn more about Renpy. Thanks! :)

Cute mystery and light romance; it was interesting to see the foundations of mechanics from your later game, Backstage Pass, in this adventure (e.g. the store, the impact of stats on characters and events, etc.). Shiro's route was Liz's favorite, but that may be because she preferred his personality. On our first playthrough, we struggled to get his and Derek's events; Liz later used a walkthrough to figure out on what days to visit them. Hopefully we can feature your other game on Dizzi soon.

Short, but well done game; it was a good prompt for discussing homelessness. It was particularly interesting for Nani, because she's unemployed right now.

We had a few questions about how you made the game. They're in the video. If you can, I hope you could comment on them for our audience. Nice work!

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Nice work! Though, we're still craving the back-story of the apocalypse's last radio DJ. :P

We only played one route: the female's positive(?) ending. It was a casual, sweet story; so we recommended it to our young audience. Hope y'all keep collaborating to make new story-driven games like this one.

Video: Mariacha FM

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We've been playing this game on Dizzi recently. It caught our eye because of its Chinese protagonist and 1920s theme. Plus, witches? What's not to love?

Nani loves your definitions for the 1920s slang used in the game; nice touch! Wise-cracking Emilio has been to jab at, as well. We hope you create games like this one, with the same detail and new settings and characters.

My sister and I really enjoyed your game. The cute art style and humor were great. If you would like to see her reaction to the different scenes, you can watch it here. In the meantime, we wish you luck on the sequel. [-Nani]