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First I want to say that this game really caught my attention, I think out of all the games in the racial justice bundle this one has the most unique setting. (from what I've seen anyway, there are a lot of games!)

However on the first island I encountered a strange bug where I completed all the quests but I couldn't leave the island. Originally the journal had a section called Analysis and I hadn't filled it in yet, but when I went to fill it in the analysis question "Who stole the axe" had disappeared. So I was left with no way to continue and had to restart.

I was thinking about maybe backing up the save file in order to get around the problem somewhat, but I'm not sure where save data for the game is stored.  Could anyone tell me where the save file is stored....and what it's called.

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Ah ok. Actually I was wrong about that game, I didn't read the description fully. It's not an actual game.

Apple Quest Monsters is actually a pdf of a game guide somebody made about a fictional game that doesn't exist. It still looks cool though.

and Mon-Cuties is definitely on my list. :)

I haven't downloaded this game yet (kinda overwhelmed with how much stuff there is!) but I really like the character art, it looks really cool.

I hope it's ok to say this but considering the bundle is so ridiculously huge you might have missed it but there's a very pokemon-like game in the bundle called "Apple Quest Monsters"

I'm also going to check out this game, ah so many games to play!

To be honest this is more of a general question about the tabletop games in the bundle, can you play these online? Are there communities where people play these tabletop games together over the internet? I don't really have anyone to play them with but a lot of them in the bundle sound really interesting.