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this is really clever, reminds me of escape goat. I love it

Cool game, some of the rules don't make any fucking sense, and that is maybe a translation issue. But, I was able to win, eventually. Good stuff, ending could have been more fleshed out, but I was just happy to win. This could be turned in to a full length game with a story and I would totally be into it!

GENERATORC community · Created a new topic keep don't work

but then I found I could scroll down and read about them, like before, but then I kill them. idk pretty cool

Got it to work, don't know what I did different, but least fav oct nav game so far. Still love you a lot @octavinavarro

Died on day 3. Cool game.

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I get an error when I try to run it: "failed to load mono"

Got the same error on the Steam version so I came here to get it but still have the same problem.

I watched a few YouTube videos that had supposed fixes for this issue in games, but it is not helping here.

I am on Windows 11 via Parallels btw

This game is fucking great.

I think not, though I would like to know this as well.

Love your past games. I know this one will be great. Don't mind throwing a few bucks your way if it means more great adventure games!