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Hello, thnx for making a Tanuki Portrait pack, it really helps as Ive never heard of Hanuki before and so my attempt to make my own portrait packs is going slowly... for a few other reasons including but not limited to using lewd/nude only portraits that are equally or nearly equal in size (ex 192x192). Another thing slowing my down is not knowing how to get "Bodies" to work. Ive gotten portraits to work but my portraits all have backgrounds with them so im probably not doing it right

Side note... Anyone know good hentai gallery sites that would have a fair selection of Beastkin Hanuki, Nereid pics along with pics of other less popular races?

Im at the point where I have to craft an antidote for her. Ive been given 3 choices and explored them all, what I'd like to know is if she has more quests afterwards (is it possible to get her as a slave/servant AND learn the Dominate spell).

Nothing wrong which backgrounds XD