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Karyn is super cute. Love the new content. The new right and left arrows in the relationship interface are also godsend.

I liked the Zenelith 'save her' story line. Too bad it doesn't have an anal scene. The 'punish her' line is also very sexy, just obviously not as wholesome.
My favorite girl is Taliya. Hope there will be more of her.

yessssssssss, lets GO!

Seems like so did I 🤦

when is the public release again?

I get it, but a cute tomboy girl like Asami, and she's into anal? No way im giving that up.

Agreed, but Im never going to pick her over Asami. At least in my main save.

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Well, then stuff makes sense again. I guess I'm going back to an older save and collect that hug.

Were those other the notes for the current patreon version? I guess I've been teased next patch 3 weeks from now then. Ill await it anxiously.

joins you? How does that trigger?

Reloading a little older save, it seems like the dialogue changed a little to explain the thing with Lisa. So no problem there.

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Weird, I loaded an older save and Lisa is no longer pregnant, yet im still on the island. My 'title' also reset to 'Master'. It also seems like my name reset to Ryan, but im not sure, since this isn't my first playthrough.


I hope there will be more content for the mouse furniture merchant soon. Now that its being teased I'm anxious to see more.

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Oh, ye, the denim is much more detailed. Nice. Her breasts also look a bit bigger, which I'm not really into, but its kinda her thing so makes sense. She also seems to have gained some volume around the bottom, which I do appreciate more. The new tail also looks better. The leggs too, although im not sure about the left (our right) knee. The hair looks a little different, but largely gives off the same impression as before. I would say it looks like an improvement to me overall. Especially the denim.

I kinda like the Alice doggy scene, so hopefully I'll like the new art even better.

Thanks btw, for actually posting the side-by-side. You didn't need to do that, so much appreciated.

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Would have been nice to have this side by side the old Beth art. It doesn't look drastically different to me.

Also I already really like the Alice content, so I am hoping the change there isn't too big.

I take it the 'just friends' route with Asami isn't with benifits? Thats too bad.

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The new content is nice.

unlock all the girls, then visit the bed without anyone there and click the multiple hearts icon.

Eul is my fav in this game. Not super into the smoking, but otherwise she's perfect.

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Indeed. But that changes the body-type in a somewhat different way though. (A pregnant belly will be more firm, for example.) And not everyone will be put off by the idea of a child being in there. It does mean you need to tread the lady and especially her belly with more care, for sure.

Lots of adult games featuring pregnancy treat the actual 'child' portion of the pregnancy by ignoring it. Some might even go as far as featuring some kind of 'fake pregnancy' that canonically doesn't involve a kid.

That said, a certain amount of (perceived/cultural) wrongness about it might also appeal to some. Certainly its not a crime in the real world, for a pregnant woman to have sex with her husband/lover. So any disapproval would be a cultural one, not a legal one. And something that is a little bit wrong can be exciting too.

Alternatively it can also go a pretty wholesome direction. In a 'ok, now that this happened, let me take care of you', sort of way. Where the MC can step up as care giver, life improver and reliable strong figure as the future dad.


Too bad there still isn't more Savi content though.

Not sure how or why, but my old save got in a very weird state. Some questslines were progressing when they shouldn't and others refused to unlock.

Starting from scratch fixed it.

Yeeeh, I unlocked the new Sayori scene! 🙂 Hoping to see more of her soon, shes my fav.

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Same, Sayori all the way. I love tough women and the scales are super cute too.

hehehe, same

Amazing as ever. 

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What do you mean nothing to it? A pregnant woman will have changes to her appearance. Not the least of which is a round belly.

I dont think I hit that particular one mystelf.

its a kink

yes, seems like the issues with Maria, Alice and Vera are all fixed as far as I can tell. Good job!

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ok, the game is now _much_ less memory hungry. Well done

It seems to run much more smoothly, but the futa-maria bug is still there.

approaching vera at the bar in the evening doesnt load her image properly during the initial discussion and smallest breast size. 
A similar thing happens in the morning, after spending the night with (futa) allice.

I failed to figure out how to interact with the short stay customers. Or is this not implemented yet?

It also seems images don't always render during dialogue (esp during sex scenes and esp when using the skip functionality) in the linux version.

The game also seems to freeze when you ask (futa) Maria for 'On side'. You character says 'How about we make use of your new part' and then the dialogue doesnt proceed.

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linux version doesnt seem to work on ubuntu 23.10. Is the v0.0.6d version supposed to contain a `Inn Another World v0.06c Linux.x86_64` file?

windows version works in wine but is very memory hungry (had to add swap space).


renaming the binary also seems to work with the increased memory.

Exactly my experience 😉

This is a very happy day :)

Gratz on the marriage! 

Man, Trudy looks cute in that new version profile image thing.

You know what... you might be right.

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There is "clanky" in the video title 🤦

I fell for that.