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Super cool game! Definitely buying when it comes out!

Gameplay on the Demo:

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Hilarious game, super fun and funny. It would be cool if you could add a level aspect but overall great game. You can check out some gameplay but definitely go play it yourself for some laughs!

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Awesome game! Love the idea behind it. Wish there was more levels but the levels that are available are awesome.

I did a video on it here:

But Your should really play the game

Awesome game! Super duper fun! I loved trying to get around the people in the rooms and blowing the doors open with TNT. You can check out my gameplay below but you have to play it for yourself!

This game was really fun and interesting to play. I really like the art style and concept of the game. I hope I got the story right and showed the most of the game.

I made a video -

I really enjoyed this game, thanks for making it :)

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Awesome game, super funny and really fun to play


I loved this game, even though it was short it had a great story and message. There's a lot of illnesses that aren't focused on and are left in the darkness, but this game shined light on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which before this game I had no idea existed. I hope games with messages like this one, keep getting made.

I made a video on the game, I hope I did justice for the game, if you'd like you can check it out here:

Thank you for making this game I really enjoyed it