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Haha, your video was very entertaining. I love your video personality, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. We're sorry it was so short, but we only had 72 hours to make the game for Ludum Dare 36, so this is more of a concept than a full game. Stay tuned though, we may decide to pick up and complete this project in the future if enough people within our team and outside of it show interest.

Oh yep. The first version uploaded were missing some small UI stuff we wanted to add. The current version should have been added approximately 4 hours after the first upload, so if you downloaded it before that you may have been missing those key elements.

hey tenchfroast, sorry to hear there's some issues. Let's see if we can fix that. What version are you downloading from this web page?

Unfortunately we didn't have time to implement a dedicated exit button, so you will have to use alt+f4 to exit the game.

Hi Reklar, the chair is revealed as you progress the game.

Objects you need for the photo appear in white if they're not in the correct spot when you fail a picture. Objects you don't need won't have a white outline when you fail the picture. Sometimes, objects you think you need for the photo appear later.

Hope this helps!

Hi, you can select a photo on the wall by walking up to it and left clicking. Next, you can press 1 too hold up the photo, and 2 to hold up the camera. Last, you can left click while holding up the camera to take a picture.

You should be able to hold up a photo at the same time as the camera, assuming you have a photo selected from the wall. If you're unable to, then that's definitely a bug.

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Hey wrthofnino, this is Chris. Thanks so much for showing an interest in our game. ooOooOOOo was a game we've always been proud of, and have had an interest in continuing for a while, but it wasn't until I found your video a couple days back that it finally pushed me over the edge to continue the game. I'm glad you loved it, and it was great seeing the few comments all agreeing that it was an interesting concept. I hope to put a much more completed version of this game sometime within the next year for everyone to play.

So sorry about that. The linux version should be uploaded now as a .zip file.