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You also have to talk to Korg back at the house after the first time he goes to the fair. He'll tell he got propositioned by Logan and ask what he should do. You can encourage him to have fun and the scene will be available the next fair.

It has nude versions of some characters, and a few nsfw CGs like the sawmill, guy and wererat, wererat king and raccoon.. hopefully more are coming.

the lizards opened a stall selling stuff and rhot is in the wrestling match with korg

ya. i invited him to the fair but i don't see him around.

Ya asking about the bandit in the header image. Spoiler you can make a fair in the latest Patreon build.

Dear Mr Hyao, does the bandit has a name? Also does Feliar do anything in the fair? Thank you.

i got a scene where Tank now refers to me as his other boss. I dominated him back before.

Loving the art, and the characters are cute.<3

Interesting gameplay. The characters looks good and the arts are nice. I eagerly wait for update.

Aww c'mon you can't even tell me what I got wrong or right? Stupid earthquake lol.

If Logan went to the bandits then he is on the "super horny bottom" route regardless of how he got loose.

get a high enough libido and then go home to relief yourself. there should be an option to check the statue.

another idea would be it's possible to romance a corrupted logan. that way we'll have both romance and a horny bottom. XD
yes i'm greedy.

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is your libido full? you're too horny to fight if it's full.

That is available for the Patreon update. If you have it then if i recall correctly encourage Logan to fight the bandits, play until you fight Tank and Scar and "free" Bareshade, talk to Logan about it, then come back at night to the Saw Mill.

there are potions you can use to change the top/bottom role

Hello. Are there m/m contents and how extensive would they be?

This looks like an interesting game. Too bad for me with the lack of m/m content but glad to hear you are considering it for the next game. Looking forward to it.

may found a bug but i still don't have sawmill unlocked after 60 days. i have "Girl's Pendant" in my inventory.

looking forward to the future. :)

btw does "hero" status unlocks anything in this build?

tried this out and i love it.
i love the hidden features such as raising  your "bitch" status unlocks sex scenes  with the drunkard and the bartender, and the guards in wagons.  i do wish there are more topping scenes by the MC even if he's a "bitch" (i think slut would be more appropriate). i'd fuck the drunkard daddy and the guards , among other people. XD  
will the sex scenes be drawn in the future? seeing the bandit(s) sucking me off would be amazing.