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Stuck at Mythshore. Is the barricade thing supposed to not to be able to be cleaned? And can we open that locked door in Mythshore?

Side question: what should we gift to who?

I wish Walter and Gil had more physical contact... If you pick all the right choices he likes it, so the way he still rejects him time and time again is kind of frustrating

I got to a part where Bernard and Hayden kissed, but when I tried to get it again it would not happen. Which are the requirements for this?

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This... is... awesome! I remember how mesmerizing the game was when I first played it, back in 2019. It was honestly the first release to actually leave an impression on me and have me at the edge of the seat, waiting to see what's going to happen next. With all the new improvements, the extended demo and the final product are shaping up to be a really memorable experience. This Gay VN enthusiast will be eagerly awaiting the announcements!

Edited to ask: do you plan on making a guide for the VN?

Oh wow y'all work FAST

Do the devs even sleep? Y'all are so hardworking

Your game is setting my expectations from men too high... Loved it! Will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter, whenever it may come out.

Hell yeah! Thank you, you're the best!

Can't wait to see the ep, whenever it gets released! Been refreshing for two days and I just know the wait is going to be worth it

Kinda wish it had a Vul branch

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I've spent over 7 and a half hours playing this game and I've finished most of the currently playable content. I've got to say we're all blessed to have been able to get a novel of this quality for free. I'm looking forward to any future updates and will support the creators whenever I can

Edit: A word

Just finished Shoichi's day 31 and it was a ride... I couldn't let Shoichi be an unwilling predator so I went down the Relationship advice route but I strongly hope I get to talk to Saya about the University offer the day after. It feels as if this choice is going to derail one of those two relationships and I'm sure many would agree with me when I say it'd be a shame

Has anybody found all of the different endings for the Lars route?

did the creator quit making his visual novels... 😭

i kinda forgot about this game since i played it a while ago, but i am so happy i found it again. i love the art, the script, everything. cant wait to get more owen updates!

I love how Rusty resembles Harsi! I'd back this if I had enough money.. the perks of being a student

Finished the current version and loved the game so much. I hope there will be an option to expose Belle and get her fired in the future, sis gotta go! Looking foward to seeing the rest!

I'm a very simple person, I see Michael Jackson, I click

Will there be a way to romance the male bandit? That seems like it would be fun

Just replayed Shoichi's route and I can't wait to see more of it, and the other two too!

Yuu said he wants to make him feel better after Sho went home crying and that wording is usually a hook for sex

The last Shoichi update... is NSFW content coming??

I adore this game! Can't wait to see more of this :)

You're an actual god omg this is so good

This vn looks so cool! I can't wait to play it


I play this game over and over again it's one of the best ones out there! Which route are you working on at the moment?