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That all makes sense! Thanks for responding!

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Thanks for this wonderful wee game!

I just have a few quick questions:

1. "If unsuccessful, a burst of Ld6 damage is afflicted upon the caster" and "If the conjuring fails, a burst of Ld6 damage is afflicted upon each participant". Does this mean that characters take more damage from these as they get better (higher level)?

2. In regards to Rogue Magic - "for actions that act on multiple objects, roll multiple times for the included objects" - Could clarify what this means with an example from the table please?

Thanks again for all your work on this, it's really brilliant!

Very cool!

Just curious, is there a character sheet about? Also...cheeky I know but is there any chance you could share an example Galaxy made using the rules? Thank you!

Quick typo i spotted on page 32 "In combat with a group of enemies, roll Morae at the end of each Round in which one of them has died".

Just off the top of my head?

- Some kind of cunning barber surgeon?

- A class that eats parts of beasts and imbues aspects of their nature?

_ A volatile ritualist type, a super high risk/reward archetype, where they can call forth "spells" via rituals but corruption is accrued rather quickly when doing so?

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Fantastic news! I'd love to see some more archetypes and tables...your tables are honestly so evocative.

Edit - Not the delays, the extra content. ;)

I am absolutely loving running this, so I'm just curious, any plans for more Weird North goodness?

Perfect, thanks!

Just bought this and loving it! Great work and most importantly, very usable and with great tools to get playing quickly. 

One question I do have though is, could you elaborate on the Doomsayer Prestige? I'm not quite following how this is intended to work.