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sure, why not? I love the idea that each player goes to the store on their own.

I realize that at their core dollar stores are bad for communities.  Building a game jam concept around dollar stores isn't an endorsement of the economic system that supports this kind of retail. What it does endorse is the idea that the current model of tabletop game release is fundamentally financially inaccessible to a significant portion of the public. Hobby gaming (like many hobbies) is class segregated and until we move to break down the models that tie play to consumption we can never be truly inclusive. 


I think in the context of this game jam it's whatever you want it to be. In the broader sense "Hobby Game* is a catch-all term for non-mass market tabletop games

I think there's another longer aspect of role playing Black River to explore but I'm not sure exactly what the mechanics would be. 

I love the idea of persistent characters across sessions of the same game and across different games in the same setting. Like a Carl Hiassen book where old friends show up over and over. 

thanks so much for reading it!

Hey, thanks! I'm interested in games that forcibly explore the gulf between our past selves and the people we are now, and the ways that those past selves are fully realized individual humans that are distinct from our current selves.