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Played this one and it was a decent game. The ending seemed bugged for me (I talk about it at the end of the video) If I had to suggest anything it would be to make the daemon more aggressive and make the Zombies hostile as well

Really enjoyed this one. It got me good a few times, great job dev!

This game was surprisingly difficult lol. I didn't finish it in this video but plan to eventually. I love Courage and Ramses was nightmare fuel as a kid (actually he still is)

The video it sends you to at the end is the perfect touch, this game gave me some good laughs....idiot sandwich 


Really enjoyed this game. Short, sweet and to the point. I like that the game relies on atmosphere rather than jump scares. Good job!

A fun short game! Impressive for being made in 48 hours. I enjoyed the twist!

I really enjoyed the concept of this one. Short and sweet but still manages to be atmospheric and spooky. I ran into a few issues which I talk about in the video but I feel like they can be easily fixed. All in all another good game from you guys! Can't wait to see what's next

You guys did a great job turning Junji Ito's short story into a horror game. Great art style, music, all around a great short game and I can't wait to see what you all do next!

Loved this one. Your games get better with each one released. I would like to see this one explored more in a part 2 or something because it was great! (It's the last game in this video if you check it out!)

Why'd ya spill yer beans?

Great so far. The art style is awesome along with the story (which reminds me of a No Sleep story called Tales from the Gas Station I'm excited to see what's in store for the next chapters

I played Ghastly Goodies, Pathogen-X and [Echostasis] and loved all 3. A great variety between the 3 and all had their own unique scares and charm.  I will be uploading more from the demo disc as I play through them and I appreciate it in advance if you check out the video!

Thanks! And no problem, can't wait to check out the ending I missed 😀

Played this for a random horror games video and loved it. I like the whole 90s vhs vibe it has and there are some very tense moments throughout. I also appreciate your humor (smash mouth?! Haha) I'm following you for future games and am excited to see what you do next

Played through this for a random horror games video. I really like the concept but I do have a few critiques which I talk about in the video. I think this definitely has potential and with a few updates could be a very good game!

Played this for a random horror games video and loved it! Very Intriguing story and some pretty tense moments. My only complaint is the game crashed while trying to get one of two endings. Other than that great job dev! I'll be following you for future projects 

Played through this and really enjoyed it. I can feel the 80s Sci-Fi horror vibes (which I love). I'm also a fan of the ps1 style. It gives off Silent Hill vibes. Good job, I've added it to my wishlist on steam and will be playing the full release when it comes out!

Finally got around to playing this and loved it. I'll be playing the sequel soon enough and will definitely be checking out your other games as well!

Played this one for a 3 random spongebob horror games video and got the death and escape ending. A fun little game although I did notice some clipping on the items throughout the house. No biggie though, good job for your first game dev!

Fun playthrough! It actually got me with jumpscares a few times 

Fun short horror game. Wish there was a little more to the ending but that's ok!

Forgot to share this here but loved this one. Another great Vidas game 👏

Fantastic job! Love the story and the style. It reminds me of the creepy pasta Polybius. Can't wait for the full release!

Great job guys! 👏

Well made and unique! I had some issues with the 2nd level that I talked about in my video but I enjoyed it, good job!

Played through episode 1 and 2 for my channel and was blown away. Great job with both games! I can't wait to see what's next;

Played through episode 1 and 2 for my channel and was blown away. Great job with both games! I can't wait to see what's next;

I enjoyed this game for sure. Great art style, some fun puzzles. The potion mixing had me stumped for a little while lol

This game was very effective, you did a good job at creating a spooky atmosphere and the creature plays off of one of my phobias. Great job! Can't wait to see what you do next;

Absolutely loved this game dude. Great job. The art style is fantastic, and the puzzles were good. Look forward to seeing what else you make

This was a fun game! Love the art style

Great job guys. This game was awesome! I love the idea of being sucked into a boardgame and being forced to play the levels on it. If I had to critique anything it would be to make the puzzles a bit more challenging and add a few more scares. Also make it longer because I was really enjoying it haha:

Oh wow that's cool man! Definitely check out Cat Sick Blues, it's a good one. And I'll be checking out more of your games 😁

I'll be checking out all of your other games soon!

Of course! It was a blast, and absolutely hysterical

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Played this last night for a video uploaded to my channel and really enjoyed it! A few recommendations (if you watch the video I talk about it) but all in all I was very pleased with this one. Good job 😁

This game was fantastic. The twist was truly hilarious 🤣 

Super fun game! Love the ps1 throwback style of games. Can't wait to check out your other games! And by the way, I'm a huge horror nerd and caught the Silent Night Deadly Night 2 reference, but was the movie poster in the subway a reference to Cat Sick Blues?!