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Thanks for the video and kind words! We really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for the video! :) 

Thanks! Regarding spooks we had actually planned to include the kidnapper as an enemy character, but unfortunately we ran out of time to fully implement him. Maybe in a future update, though?

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

I have to admit, the amount of people that are getting through the exit by bruteforcing the lock is concerning, haha. I don't blame any player for taking that option but we really oughta have thought of a way to counteract that...!

Regarding the letters on the fridge, without giving away the solution, that clue pertains to an entirely different puzzle, not the portraits! But I understand how you could have gotten confused. And the abundance of red herrings (i.e. fake clues) was not intentional, but it's a bit unfortunate!

We're glad you had a good time all things considered. And thank you for the video!

Thank you! Seems you took a bit to understand that you could scroll through your items, that's our bad for not making it very apparent. Sorry!

Thanks for the video!

Hey, thank you so much! We're glad you liked it. Regarding Hello Neighbor you're not that far off, as it was one of the inspirations!