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I was really blindsided by what an experience this would be. The art and music is really effective at creating an atmosphere to get lost in and carried away by. I don't really know what else to say, but thank you. This couldn't have come at a better time in my life, and it left a bit of an impact on me. I'm really glad I played this.

You've got a knack for making really loveable characters without telling us too much about them. You showed us just enough of Maia's feelings about her life in the human world (or above water anyway, not sure if this takes place in the same world as your other games so maybe I can't call it the human world), that we can easily fill in the blanks as to what she's been through - it hits close to home without getting dark (though the subtext is pretty dark), which is a tough balance to hit, and I think you nailed it.

I totally understand all the people saying they want more of this. These characters are good, but I think it also stands on its own. Good stuff. Really enjoyed it.

I was really not expecting to enjoy these as much as I did. I stopped after the first one because Treat's situation hit a little too close to home, but it affected me on a deep level and I kept thinking about it, and went back. I'm glad I did. I've been playing your stuff on days when I feel vulnerable and weak, and it really helps.

Each one gets better, I think. The music and writing and characters have improved steadily, and this series has somehow managed to earn a place close to my heart. You're really good at doing characters, and I appreciate all the subtle worldbuilding you do. And those expressions! So loveable. You're really inspiring to someone like me who's just starting to work on her own games. Thank you.