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Glad you like it! Always appreciate the atta boys :)

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Any information you find to be relevant would be helpful, including sizes. But mostly I want it for knowing what frame an expression starts and when it ends. Thanks so much for doing this!

Ah, sorry I'm posting this to the wrong product. I meant the facial animations for your Sproutland GUI pack 😁

I'll send them since there isn't an update for this out yet.

Could you provide a frame guide to assist with creating the facial animations?

Hello! Great asset btw, but in the later versions of Unity (mine 2022.3.13f1) they include 2D extras and won't allow you to remove it due to dependencies. If you import this it generates duplicate script errors and you can't use the pre-generated Unity rule tiles that you included. If you try to pick through and remove the duplicates included in your asset, by the time you get to no warnings or errors, the included rule tiles no longer function. If you cannot resolve this can you at least provide a rule tile setup guide to recreate them?

Hello, the watering animation is missing from the premium set. Thought you'd like to know! Also, do you plan to do an attack animation?

Are these compatible with the new Farmer Base?

It will work for your own spritesheets as well!

Do you take on commissions? I would very much like to commission a cooking station and tailoring station. Please let me know, thanks!

Could you share the full level designs you've made? I really like your design style and am curious about some of the map features not shown in the screenshot. Do you have a tiled file you can put in the packs or anything?

I would be very interested to learn how you did the starfield, particularly, the warping effect. It doesn't seem to be included in the assets.

Seliel has released a great number of art assets that I am trying to supply multiple tools to ease the management of. I haven't gotten to all of them in their totality yet, unfortunately that would include the unsupported files at this time.

Thank you for making me aware of this! I am currently out of town on a family emergency so I do not have access to the source files. But I will work on this once I get home in a few weeks! I apologize for the delay!

Correct. /4har without the ending slash means a file beginning with 4har. The final slash in /4har/ tells the script it is a folder, not a file. It then looks for the name of the attached texture2d in that folder. Forgetting that final / is a no go

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The shaders are built for 2D URP only unfortunately. I apologize for the misunderstanding, i should have been more specific in my post.

This is a curious error as it seems to indicate the method GetSourceTextureWidthAndHeight does not exist, or the call to this method has been modified beyond the code I originally wrote. Did you change the code? And what version of Unity are you running?

Yes, but I want to make sure you have a smooth experience if you choose to purchase. If you do purchase, let me know how those scripts work for you, I may update Paper Doll to include them. I know my opinion may be biased, but for an asset like Mana Seed, this paper doll will make your life a million times easier.  Mana Seed is almost unwieldly without it lol, which is why I made it. All the tools I've made I consider essential to stress free Mana Seed game development (Mana Seed Shaders for Unity, Paper Doll, Mana Seed Tools). Together, these tools are a power house. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your consideration. :)

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This is a tricky situation, you are both correct and incorrect. So, essentially look at it this way, the Paper Doll is using the frame numbers of the base animation (the character). Since there are no breaks in the base animation, this would require some creativity on your part to achieve in terms of extending the base spritesheet to allow for your scenario to play out. In the end, I feel it would be a dramatic waste of time and resources on your part to achieve. Instead, I would suggest a much simpler solution to approaching the problem, that being a scripted animation helper. Put in animation events at the points where the object must be rendered in front or changed to render behind again. Have a script on your TLA & TLB layers that accept these events and change the sorting layer or Y position of the renderer accordingly (if using custom sort order of (0, 1, 0) on your render pipeline - recommended).  But still, use Paper Doll for all the layers, including tool a & b as normal!

I haven't double-checked these scripts, I just wrote them for you in pastebin. So they might require some tweaking. Give these a try to resolve your issue. Hope this helps!



So with these, just attached CharacterAnimationHelper to your BaseRenderer. Point the animation events in your animation at the OnRenderToolABehind. OnRenderToolBBehind, OnRenderToolAFront, and RenderToolBFront. Then you'll attach ToolRendererHelper to both Tool A & Tool B layers. Lastly, with your Base Layer selected, point the Unity Events firing from the Character Animation Helper script to your Tool A & Tool B layer as appropriate. Again, you may have to adjust the scripts a little for syntax and logical errors, but they are very simple scripts so even a rookie could handle it. :)

Alright, I figured it out. The problem isn't with the tool, it's the layout of your output folder. In your output folder you MUST have the folders 0bot, 1out, 2clo, 3fac, 4har, 5hat, 6tla, and 7tlb. If you remove those folders it will generate this error upon trying to save the packed image file. The layout of your input folder doesn't matter, you can use the original file structure included in Seliel's zip files, or throw just the .png files in there and it will work just fine. But in the output folder, you MUST have those folders present that I mentioned.

Hmm interesting, I am getting the same problem. And it wasn't doing this before, nor has the source code for the packer been updated.  I wonder if maybe a code library for .NET was updated?  I'll have to do some research and look further into this.  Thanks for letting me know!

I'll definitely keep that in mind going forward. :)

Thank you for the heads up! I'll push out a build to fix this right away!

Lol, hey, been there done that!  Usually when I can't figure it out and everything seems sound I say, "I blame it on Unity", and restart.

Hi Khavrielle! This occurs when the Paper Doll fails to load a spritesheet texture on start. The cause is going to be either a missing ReplacementTexture in the inspector, or the TexturePath to the ReplacementTexture is incorrect in the inspector. Be sure the TexturePath is a location in the Resources folder. Also, make sure the texture has already been sliced into sprites in the Unity sprite editor.

I am actually working on it as we speak, hopefully will publish today. Sorry it has taken my so long. I am a nursing student and doing this at the same time. I've also been working on a larger package of assets for the Mana Seed series that I should be publishing sometime in the next week.  Please look forward to it :)

Hi there, great asset first of all! I noticed in the sample pictures you have grass to dirt autotiles, dirt to plowed dirt autotiles, and plowed dirt to watered dirt autotiles.  But looking through the (non-free) asset, I do not see the watered dirt autotiles anywhere?  Can you help me find this, maybe give me a filename or check the asset for inclusion?  Thanks!

Hey I noticed you have the tool animations in a separate file, but no file for the character without the tools already in it.  If I had that I could use paperdoll functionality to show different styles of tools on the character (like gold pickaxe vs rusty pickaxe).  Do you happen to have those files?

Sounds awesome!  I sent you an e-mail by the way, gotta network with other devs and designers, you know how it is :)

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Sounds good.  Regardless, you've got some great assets here!  If I could make a suggestion, I noticed you have 2 outfits: 1 for farming, 1 for combat.  I bet our girl would look cute in a froggie outfit for fishing.  A whole new fishing pack for you to sell!  Just saying :D

Love these assets, really need Up & Down movement though since all the characters in my game have full 4 directional movement :(

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Okay, I was able to trace down the error in your code.  So, just fyi when I first imported this latest version there were alot of = new() initializers for dictionaries/etc that had to be corrected to their proper formats (i.e. = new Dictionary<string, string>().

As for the source of the problem, it is in Player.cs Line 255 the FillPlayerTexture method.  In your tutorial you state the path to use for the sprites should contain an ending slash, however, in the code you add that slash for the user already.  So if they follow the picture in your guide, the path will wind up with a double slash (//) and not find the texture.  And since there is no error handling for that scenario (no else statement in the method), the user is left with no rhyme or reason as to what's happening.  So the resolution was simple, removing the ending slash in the sprite path and the textures came right up.  Haven't tested it beyond that but anyways, hope this helps.  Damn good asset though, very good job!

Hey never heard back from you on this.  Also, I got an update notification and just re-downloaded and followed the new tutorial.  Basically, getting the same result.  On the various body parts in the sample scene, I can see the sprites changing on the sprite renderer, it appears to be using the animations, no errors or warnings.  But again, the character is invisible.  I assume its using the sprites for your pre-sliced empty spritesheets rather than actually utilizing the real Mana Seed textures I configured it to use.

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Ah yes, that reminded me I didn't look to see if the animations were tied into the animator.  On looking into that, the animations have no attached motions.  Although the controller is switching between animation states and it is trying to run them.  But even if I manually assign an animation, say idle down since it is default, still there's no sprite assigned to any renderers.  Any luck on your end?

Update: I reimported it again and made a little progress.  I can now see all the other animations for the character except idle.  No motions are assigned to idle in the animator, but are assigned for the other animations it would seem.  If I manually assign the idle animations, then all works well.  But something's definitely not working right with the process.

This isn't working for me at all.  I followed the guide to the letter, everything appeared to work fine, no errors during guide or when attempting to run.  But when I run the example scene, no textures are being assigned to the various body parts.  Please see below images.

Notice file structure, Player object settings, and body object showing no sprite.  Not working.

Ok, will you please let me know if you notice the frames are off-position now?  I know some of the file naming has changed so I will be sure to add that in the next update!

I am, and I will update the asset shortly.  Thanks for the heads up!

Hey Daniel, can you add bug catching with a bug net?  I really need it :D

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Awesome work!  May I ask, can you fix the character parts hair colors?  Essentially you have 3 shades for the hair colors, yet those 3 shades are using 16 colors.  I plan to use a shader to allow RGB hair recoloring for customization, and need to recolor these to shades of white/grey.  But going through pixel by pixel on all the animations and hair styles and fixing the 16 colors is a wee bit time consuming, and the effort would be wasted considering everybody using your product would benefit from the fix.  As I understand it, I believe it could be reduced to 4 colors, the outline, the dark shade, the mid shade, and the highlight shade.  :)

The only file in the Unity zip file is the Unity Package File.  It is called Pixel UI1.5.unitypackage.  You take that file and drag it into Unity and it will import.