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nice game! gets boring after a little. needs weapons and a couple more things tho

Oh great! I'm going to check it out and comment on it

ooh I like this, will play it.

Check out Rabbit's Quest on my channel... it's the same theme :)

hehe, you killed them!! it's all your fault!! haha

so are you in the secret area right now? how's that going?

you can see the full map if you check out the last videos

on my rabbit's quest gameplay.

I... don't know what a 3 phase death phoenix is xD.

annoying skull??

damn birds?!?!?

sorry, I don't know what you are talking about xD

can you post images of these things so I can help you?

if you got two gems... I think you cant get a couple stats

but that's it... you gotta fight the final boss to get another powerup.


yeah, fuck the bee keeper.


stone guy?!?! who is that? haha

(ok, now I know what you are talking about)

the phoenixes are actually machines haha.

oooh the stone guy! he's actually the final boss.


oh well... you made it to secret area!! great! so you actually got all the gems??

you know... I actually nerfed the game twice! and people still

find it hard lol, maybe needs another nerf?

Thanks for you review :)

yeah, I restricted access to hard areas early because people would get confused and thought the game was impossible to beat from the get-go hahaha.

I'm sorry, I will have to ban you.

lol just kidding, enjoy the game!

Muy bueno! gracias! 


Hey thank you! Much appreciated!

hola! no entiendo, el dash lo podés hacer en cualquier dirección.

Estás jugando con teclado? prueba con joystick. Igual no deberías tener ningún problema. sí podés hacer un video en todo caso y me fijo.

I think making the game 25% easier is enough to ease frustration. The rest is just learning patterns and strategy (specially the secret area, although in this area I give the player 75hp in the middle of the battle + fullHP when it completes the room + 25% easier... I think it's enough to complete it)

yeah, it's all compatible relax

Ok, as you wish. But remember: with the new update the game is 25% easier ;)

Ok, as you wish. But remember: with the new update the game is 25% easier ;)

Hey Makotolia, if you are still up for the challenge I just made the game easier. Now maybe you have a chance to beat it at 100%.

hey, update is ready! game is now easier =)

Hey, update is ready!

Will release an update soon to make the game easier :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, you get access to very hard areas (almost impossible) very early in the game. Maybe I shouldn't let that happen =P.

I expect players to check alternate routes if they find one of them very difficult, but for some reason they still try to beat those hard areas haha.

If you find areas that are extremely hard, try different areas. One common "problem" with this game is that you get access to crazy difficult areas very early in the game.

This video will help you out.

Go left left left, to Electric City! There you will find the first boss and powerup.

Ah interesting. Yes there could be some typos that I haven't caught lol.

And the squirrel line is gone because you went there with all upgrades and full HP... if you don't go with full HP then the squirrel tells you "oh you need full HP here!"

Wow! you really did it! Congrats!

Yeah, the game is a bit hard but relies a lot on strategy and execution.

Specially the secret area. Why don't you try it? It's not THAT hard. I made an effort to make it easier by adding extra HP to help players.

I mean if you managed to get THIS far... I'm sure you can destroy the secret boss and get 100% and secret ending.

Hey that's great!

you really managed to get all upgrades and health?

Yeah, I should add an easier difficulty sometime.

Thanks for playing!

Wow, you are amazing. This game is hard but you are still kicking ass!

Now you need to beat the final boss... he will give you something that will allow you to pass the muscular guys.

Ah you made it very far!

I suspect you didn't find Magic Tower.

It's on the right of Glum Vil, behind the snail. You can get there without trouble.

No, you don't suck. I admit the game may be a bit hard.

I'm going to help you a bit: if you have those upgrades check out Electric City. There's a path that goes LEFT and it's not hard compared to the others. That path is near the room you fought the first boss.

No se puede dar devoluciones a esta altura. Compraste el juego hace 5 meses.

It's a Summer Sale discount

why not just download it now?

The problem with making it claimable is that in order to download the game, people have to make an account.

Hola Daxty, ya está subido el exe, vuelve a probar por favor

Bueno, cargo el *.exe y te aviso

Hola daxty, gracias por la review, paso a responderte:

- el juego tiene música en todos los niveles! (excepto dirt cave, pero eso es adrede)
Haz lo siguiente, vuelve a jugarlo a ver si  esta vez sí aparece la música. En caso de que no... debe ser un tema de la compilación. La primera compilación que hice fue .exe pero a algunos les saltaba como virus.. así que la cambié por .zip
Haz esa prueba por favor (simplemente intentar jugarlo de nuevo), y si no funciona, subo la versión exe y te descargas esa!

- lo del multijugador es algo muy complejo para implementar, me tomaría meses hacerlo (necesito balancear, reconsiderar muchísimas cosas) y ya no tengo interés en tocar el juego. No me es redituable.

Saludos y gracias por la review!

V1.1 is ready! some bugs fixed, some areas are now easier.

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Hello everyone! If you ever played Hero Core/An Untitled Story/Environmental Station Alpha...
Then you will love this one!


Rabbit's Quest is a metroidvania with a retro aesthetic.

Your team was exploring the galaxy looking for alternate source of energies, until the radar detected something on a unknown planet.

However, things go wrong and now you are many thousands feet under the ground in a hostile planet full of monsters and riddles.

Will you be able to get back to your ship and get away from this planet?


+ 13 colorful areas to explore
+ retro feel and graphics
+ more than 80 different enemies to destroy
+ easy to play, hard to master
+ a beautiful and immersive jazz fusion soundtrack
+ epic boss fights
+ 2 different endings (normal and secret)
+ 15 upgrades to find
+ inspired on Hero Core, An Untitled Story, Environmental Station Alpha




Thanks for your attention!