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Dippy Fresh

A member registered Dec 22, 2019

Recent community posts

can you change the story

wait in the game do you just walk????

ok is there acutally death cause i really want to talk to him

i like it good job dude

i am so confused about how to get in the building

ummm like how did you update the game???

umm how do you get into the building i cannot find the kindney rock


Is there just one ending

can you get past spider lady

wait so can you like unlock the cage yet

I love the poems very deep

whoops that was music I was lising to from anohter game

love the music

is there a piont to this game

whoops i did not read the insructions sorry

how do you hide?

oh ok

ummm does this just end after sacrise gos to the boss or is there more

wow this is just so meloncoly sweet i cried

OK. I am so confused

This is being super laggy